Friday, April 3, 2015

evoDerma PRONECK Massager Review

Occasionally we all experience a bad night’s sleep and the kind of neck twisting, uncomfortable positions that occur when our pillows have failed us miserably. A long stressful day at work, heavy lifting, strained muscles or general fatigue can leave us sore and in need of some serious pampering. When I get a professional massage the focus is always on my neck and shoulders which is where many of us carry tension from emotional, chemical and physical stressors but heading to the spa every time we need to soothe aching muscles is not very practical.

Now thanks to evoDerma coming home after a long day, kicking back and enjoying a relaxing massage can be as simple as turning on the PRONECK massager! This non-invasive, advanced system incorporates three massage techniques used in professional spas to ease overworked, tight muscles and it may even help cut down on expensive trips to the chiropractor or masseuse.

The PRONECK is a lightweight, portable massager that is adjustable to rest comfortably around any neck size. The wings flex outward for a sturdy individualized fit that feels snug and very supportive around overworked cervical vertebrae. The secure fit around the neck also enhances the transmission of pulsations and vibrations to increase efficiency so you can feel and experience every alleviating sensation. The device is wireless and comes with a user manual, remote control and an AC power charger.

I love the versatility of this massager, you can use it while traveling, watching TV, sitting at the computer, after a tough workout and even at the office! 

One of the best things about getting a massage is the chance to unwind and lull the mind and body into a state of tranquility. Unfortunately many traditional machines force you to do all the work yourself and cause you to emit energy while moving the massager back and forth. The PRONECK’S innovative design allows you can sit back, turn on the handy LED remote and have the machine do everything! Once you find your preferred cycle you don’t have to lift a finger and I love using it while I am doing my weekly facial and enjoying some me time for a truly indulgent spa experience. 

The massage can be individualized by adjusting the intensity level up or down and the sensations range from light and calming to intense deep tissue stimulation with different modes such as electrical pulse and vibrate. I don't use the electric stimulation because it is too intense for me and quite powerful but I do enjoy the other cycles. To dial up the alleviating benefits and loosen tense knots simply turn on the heating plates and let the PRONECK lull you into therapeutic relaxation. 

The combination of warmth and steady pulsations at the base of the head, around the neck and at the top on the shoulders is stress relieving and feels marvelous! When you have a bad crick in the neck the machine may also help loosen and calm spastic, stiff muscles.

Sometimes I experience a transmission delay between the remote control and the massager which causes an issue with synchronization and switching between the different modes. The lag time may require a bit of patience but eventually I get things running smoothly. 

Although the PRONECK does not exactly mimic the kneading rub of human hands the vibration feels wonderful and stimulates blood flow to increase circulation and oxygen while also helping to improve sleep. The built in magnets combined with the massage modes target the neck’s acupuncture points which may relieve rigidness, decrease inflammation, improve flexibility and make the neck and surrounding tissue less prone to injury.

This device is perfect for my family especially my husband who suffers from sore, tired, aching muscles and frequent neck and back pain. It is easy to use and the programmed cycles help customize a treatment for your specific needs. It also makes an awesome gift for Mother’s Day which will be here before you know it and anyone who enjoys a nice neck rub will definitely appreciate the PRONECK.

The massager retails for $159.00 CAD but when you use the code- erica you can get the device for $84.00 which is a great discount! To check out the website click- HERE.

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