Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Maybelline Color Molten Eye Shadow Review

When I have to apply my makeup in a rush I tend to reach for shadows that take the guess work out of pairing colors. I usually grab palettes that include complementary combinations for the lids and crease so I can just sweep them on and be out the door. The Maybelline Color Molten eye shadows are available in 8 grab-and-go duos that are easy to use and travel-friendly.

The Moltens each include a light shade for the lids and a deeper hue for contrast and dimension in the crease. The colors are designed to melt into each other and blend effortlessly for a refined lustrous finish.

The best thing about the shadows is the luxurious texture! The formula is creamy, velvety soft and ultra smooth, but once applied they have a powder finish. The pigments tend not to crease or smudge and there are some nice color options including plum, sapphire and teal with finishes ranging from shimmer to slight shimmer, metallic and matte.

The pigmentation of many of the shadows is quite sheer if used without a primer which creates a soft, faded effect. With a name like "Color Molten" I expected more vibrancy but when paired with a good primer the colors are more versatile and you are able to increase the saturation and intensity a bit more.

301 Taupe Craze has a light beige, matte lid color and a shimmery, sandy crease shade. The beige-khaki is very subtle and does not show up very much on the skin, I use it to transition and fade deeper crease colors towards the brow bone. The shimmer shows up as light bronze-gold that requires the application of a primer to really shine.

305 Plum Fusion is my favorite of the three palettes; it contains a shimmery grey lid color and a shimmer black-plum crease shade. This is a great combo for creating smokey looks.

306 Rose Haze contains a sheer, shimmery pink lid color and a deep bronze-rose crease shade. This is also a very pretty combination; the light shimmer works well on the brow bones and the deep shade can be layered and built-up quite nicely.

swatched over primer

If you are interested in trying these shadows I recommend going for the vivid shades as the light duos are difficult to enhance. The jelly-like, malleable texture is nice and if you prefer lightweight formulas you may like these. 

You can find these eye shadows at drug stores.

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  1. Oh, these are gorgeous! I haven't seen them yet but I haven't been out makeup shopping recently, I need a break after going absolutely nuts during Target liquidation sale. LOL! Will look out for these and pick up a few to try. Taupe Craze is so me!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. The taupe really doesnt show up but the rest has beautiful pigmentation! Thanks for sharing, i hope maybelline brings this to asia!

    Celly | Asian Beauty and Makeup Blog


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