Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bioderma Review: Must-Have Beauty Essentials

Most makeup lovers would agree that creating glamour is fun but removing it is a pain in the butt! When it comes to painting on the glitter, extending my lashes to the limits and indulging in pouty, lip staining hues I don’t hold back and with Bioderma pore clogging makeup and waterproof formulas don’t stand a chance! 

The Sensibio H2O makeup removing micelle solution annihilates stubborn formulas including foundation, water resistant mascara, eye shadow and even heavy SPF moisturizes. The refreshing solution does a great job at cleansing the skin while removing dirt, build-up, impurities and excess oil with a paraben free, hypoallergenic formula compatible with all skin types including the most sensitive.

I use the Bioderma makeup wipes prior to deep cleansing and the micelle water takes care of whatever is left behind including eye makeup that has been plastered on for the long haul. There is no need to rinse after use so for long flights, or late nights when all you want to do is face plant on your bed this helps eliminate the need for soapy cleansers. Although the Sensibio H2O does have a refreshing effect similar to toner it revitalizes and hydrates without drying alcohol or fragrance so skin is not tight and stripped. It retails for $19.95.

I go through makeup wipes as fast as Carrie Bradshaw changes stilettos so I've used many brands and I've learned that “sensitive” doesn't always mean non-irritating. One thing that makes these plush wipes a beauty bag essential is that they don’t burn my skin and eyes. They lovingly obliterate your artistic placement of blush, bronzer and highlight while soothing fragile, intolerant skin.

The wipes are also soaked in an active micellar solution compatible with the skin’s fatty acid esters that help rebuild the hydrolipidic film- (aka the skin’s natural protective barrier that retains moisture and protects against germs and bacteria). They also do a decent job at removing the majority of makeup and if I don’t have cotton pads on-hand I use some of the liquid H2O micelle solution to dampen the soft fabric and soak off crunchy mascara and water resistant formulas. The wipes retails for $14.95.

In anticipation of bright summer colors I've been exfoliating my lips more often and partaking in a little moisture binge. Vibrant red, orange or pink lipstick smeared over chapped skin is not cute so treat peeling and roughness with the Atoderm Lèvres Moisturizing Stick. As someone who is no stranger to hoarding lip balms in every crevice of my house I know what I’m looking for in a formula and this creamy stick has it all! It provides instant relief of dryness, deeply hydrates and repairs with nutritive oils, extracts and butters.

The scent is mild yet deliciously fruity and the results are long-lasting for kissably soft lips. The balm retail for $6.95 and has been added to my first line of defense when battling dehydrated skin.

Last but not least is the Atoderm Crème for dry to very dry sensitive skin because no one likes ashy elbows and knees when trying to look cute in a stylish summer dress. This formula is ultra-rich and restructuring with active ingredients that reinforce and strengthens the skin’s moisture level. It is light enough for summer and effective enough for harsh winter wind by creating a protective barrier that deflects the penetration or irritating elements.

Enriched with conditioning agents the cream holds water in the upper layers of the skin which prevents evaporation and recurring dryness. I love how silky, healthy and supple my body feels when I use this and the results last all day! The lotion retails for $28.95.

If you haven’t tried anything from Bioderma yet I recommend doing so. They are very accessible at drugstores across Canada and although the products cost more I don't cut corners when it comes to my skin and the quality speaks for itself!

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  1. I love their miscellar water! I think it is really gentle to the skin, but it does not work for eye makeup sometimes.

    celly | asian beauty and makeup blog


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