Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Born Pretty Matte Eyeshadow Palette: Summer Shades!

Today I have another review on an item I recently got from Born Pretty but this time it’s all about bright, vivid hues that make a bold statement! If you haven’t stopped by the website yet they have some fabulous beauty items including a wide range of nail polish/nail art, lashes, brush sets, cosmetics, accessories and much more. The great thing about the site is that many of the products go on sale so you can often find great deals and if you are just starting out with makeup there are many palettes to practice and play around with.

The 18 shade matte eyeshadow palette incorporates a few basic colors like black, brown, beige and even purple but what really got my attention was the bright greens, yellow, red and pinks which are eye catching and exciting! Some of these hues may not be suitable paired with your everyday office attire but they do compliment fun summer prints.

I expected the colors to show up as vibrantly as they appear in the pans but many of them are actually quite sheer and tame. The yellows, blues and pinks are not as saturated when applied to skin yet the fiery sunset red and playful neon green are bright and can be layered for bolder pigmentation. 

The coverage is rather inconsistent throughout the palette and some hues apply chalky and translucent while others are smooth and rich. There are also a few unusable shades including white, pale yellow and a grey that is flat and totally boring. The texture is quite smooth as many of the shadows are lightweight and slightly creamy but the color payoff is a bit disappointing. Although I love how much product you get from the large circles I expected better quality and you definitely cannot skip or skimp on the primer when working with these. On the bright side you can improve the finish by layering and blending well and some of the hues are still very striking.

I may not be able to achieve all the effects I wanted with this palette but the pinks and even the faint purple can also be used as blush. The packaging is very plain and there is no brand name but the shadows don’t crease so if you are going for a light wash of color or brilliant summery looks these are decent.

(swatched heavily over primer)

I have some gorgeous palettes from Born Pretty and although this one isn't my favorite I will use it to experiment with colors that are just outside my comfort zone. You can find this item by clicking- HERE it retails for $21.63 with FREE worldwide shipping!

If you use the code EDH10 below you can also get an additional 15% off your order!

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  1. This palette is so pretty to look at! Bummer that not all of the colors have a good color pay off. I can see you getting a lot of use out of it though because you love experimenting with color. Enjoy!


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