Thursday, October 20, 2016

Caravelle New York 2016 Fall Watch Collection

Tis the season to trade-in floral prints and soft pastels for rich hues, cozy fabric and a little bling! Since we are in the midst of vibrant fall color, Caravelle has released a dazzling array of new accessories to help transition your wardrobe.

The stunning gold watch below with multi-color, handset crystals is my absolute favorite! In fact I think this is one of the most beautiful watches on the market and it definitely gets a lot of attention. Although I've been wearing this glittery beauty all year, autumn calls for something dark and icy.

To compliment my fall wardrobe I chose this gorgeous black watch with dazzling crystals from Caravelle’s new collection. The style and color combination is quite captivating, especially if you love dark colors and diamond embellishment.

This jaw-dropping watch is expertly crafted with the perfect balance of playful elegance and trendy flare. The woven black band is sleek and modern with a shiny finish that accentuates the classic pattern. As we approach the holiday season, the mesmerizing shimmer adds a glamorous touch and it's true what they say - black does go with everything!

Around the large face you will find a ring of small black crystals which create an exquisite frame for the beauty within. Inside there are 60 handset, translucent silver crystals and layers of multidimensional prisms that reflect light and sparkle brilliantly!

If you look closely, you will notice that the overlapping, intricate design of the crystals and prisms resembles shards of diamond to create a unique, multifaceted texture. The shiny silver dials are a bit difficult to see against the busy backdrop but I wear watches to make a fashion statement so this doesn’t bother me.

If you are on the hunt for an extraordinary piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one, I highly recommend this distinctive collection. This design is also available in pink and deep blue. The black watch retails for $175.00 (product code 45L160) and the gold crystal watch retails for $140.00 (product code 44L184). Visit the website by clicking HERE.

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