Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Hair Care Review

Many of us strive to live a healthy, active lifestyle. We eat right, invest in skincare, get our beauty sleep and workout, so the products we use should reflect those values. Think of the new Biolage R.A.W collection as a nourishing, healing smoothie for your hair! The products are 95% natural with no sulfates, parabens, silicones or artificial colorants and the formula is 99% biodegradable.

Now you’re probably thinking that anything this natural might not be as effective for cleansing and conditioning but you’d be completely wrong! The shampoo is made of plant-based surfactants, natural thickeners and emollients while the conditioner contains fatty amines, natural oils, clay and waxes which cleanse, soften, shine and rehabilitate damaged strands for salon quality results.

There are 3 collections to choose including: Nourish (for dry, dull hair), Recover (for stressed, sensitized hair) and Uplift (for fine, flat hair). Each range utilizes a special blend of unique ingredients that target specific concerns and rejuvenate your tresses from root to tip!

Today I will be reviewing the Recover line which is great for hair exposed to environmental stress, repeated heat styling and harmful chemicals including dye. Using these nutrient-rich products is like having a hair makeover to undo external damage, dryness, brittleness, breakage, split-ends and roughness. The shampoo is infused with yucca, goji berry (which is a super food) and coconut which creates a delicious, sweet scent reminiscent of a ripe berry cocktail! Although it is void of all harsh soaps and drying sulfates, the formula lathers into a light foam that cleanses very well and removes build-up, excess oil and follicle blocking gunk that may cause dandruff and flaking. After 2 shampoos my hair and scalp feel fresh, revitalized and squeaky clean and the amazing aroma envelops you in a bubble of fruity bliss!  

The conditioner looks like a scrumptious strawberry smoothie and smells like fresh herbs and yummy ginger which I assume is really the coriander oil. Don’t let the spice infusion scare you off, the aroma is very light, healthy and fresh with a nice balance of kaolin clay and soybean. The creamy consistency reinforces moisture to restore, soften, smooth, shine, strengthen and thicken. The formula is able to tame my long, thick, natural curls without weighing them down or causing limpness and I can comb it through for even distribution and loads of silky hydration. After conditioning, my hair feels bouncy, manageable and resilient and I experience no scalp or skin irritation.

If you are looking for natural, non-damaging, eco-friendly hair care I highly recommend trying Biolage R.A.W. The shampoo and conditioner retail for $25.00 each at a variety of salons. To find a retailer near you click HERE and visit the website at

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