Monday, January 23, 2017

LUSH Toothy Tabs Review

If you’ve read my review on the new Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush then you know that I’ve made a resolution to enhance my oral health routine. After reading and hearing about some of the harmful side effects of toothpaste ingredients I also made the switch to all-natural toothpaste and I’ve stuck with it since the year began.

Giving up the ultra minty, creamy brand of toothpaste I’ve used for years was a difficult transition but once I adjusted there was no looking back! My Natural toothpaste of choice is the Toothy Tabs from LUSH because they are easy to use and come in two forms - pills and powder. It took about a week for me to fully accept the taste of Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) which is slightly salty but once I did the benefits were evident very quickly. Baking Soda has natural teeth whitening and plaque removal properties which prevents tooth decay, cavities and gum disease.

The Toothy Tabs are available in a variety of flavors like Dirty (loaded with spearmint and neroli oil), Miles of Smiles (organic peppermint oil and wild mint), Oral Pleasure (a blend of orange oil, rose oil, vanilla and almond oil with a fruity scent) and the bestselling and most popular flavor of all - Boom (made with activated charcoal, lime oil, black pepper oil, tea and organic ground chili). These ingredients may sound weird but they are gentle on enamel and have wonderful health benefits.

The tabs come in small, almost sample-size bottles with 50 g of product but they last a long time. This packaging is also very convenient for travel and carry-on luggage because they are not in paste or gel format. To use the tabs you simply chew one (don’t swallow) wet your toothbrush and clean away! The formula does foam up slightly but not quite as much as regular toothpaste. If you prefer more foaming action use two.

You can also try the Tooth Powder packaged in little jars. The formula is loose so you must wet your brush and dip it into the powder to coat the bristles. Tooth Fairy is strawberry flavored and Ultrablast has a mint-wasabi combo.

Compared to the Colgate Optic White Toothpaste I’ve been using for years, the Toothy Tabs whiten my teeth much more effectively over a shorter period of time and when used with my amazing new sonic toothbrush I’ve notice significantly fewer surface stains. Although many of the tabs do not have the blast of mint I'm familiar with, they still freshen your breath and do a great job cleaning the teeth and gums.

Boom is my favorite formula because the charcoal gets rid of germs and impurities while cleansing the tongue very well. It also helps diminish some of that morning breath effect. These tabs do turn your mouth grey while brushing but it rinses clean so don't freak out. My favorite in terms of taste is Ultrablast but the scent alone may not give a good indication of flavor since many have an aftertaste. At my local LUSH store I was able to get samples.

The most common complaint about these is the taste. Some like it and some don’t (which is the case with almost everything). The minty flavors tend to taste the best and although they aren’t delicious by any means they aren’t bad either. Many Toothy Tab users I’ve spoken to report fewer cavities and much happier dentist visits which is motivation enough for me!

The tabs retail for $9.95 per bottle and the powder is $9.95-$10.95 per jar. You can find these products at LUSH stores and

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