Wednesday, January 18, 2017

NEW Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray, Complexion Primer & Prep Priming Spray

Many of us are familiar with Urban Decay’s famous All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray and it has even helped me prevent a complete facial meltdown during my trip to the beautiful deserts of Dubai. In collaboration with Skindinavia, the brand has repackaged the spray and released an impressive range of new skincare to help maintain a flawless complexion.  

Gone are the days when women set their makeup with hairspray. These innovative formulas are designed to mist on weightlessly and last all day!

All Nighter is the spray you need when partying or travelling to humid destinations where perspiration is inevitable. It also comes in handy on long, stressful days and keeps makeup looking fresh by preventing it from settling into lines, melting and fading for up to 16 hours. The mist has a very faint scent and makes my skin feel and look smoother but sometimes a few large droplets have to be dabbed or blended away so my foundation doesn’t appear spotty.

The De-Slick Spay helps makeup last longer while controlling oil, diminishing surface shine and preventing smudging. This works wonders with oil-based foundations that oxidize and tend to make you look slick and sweaty (especially during the summer). The formula does a good job at mattifying for fewer touch-ups during the day and dries very quickly.

Chill is great for dry winter skin because it cools, refreshes and lightly hydrates while giving you that “just applied look” for up to 12 hours. All of the sprays are infused with aloe and feel incredibly breathable so I don’t even notice them on my skin! There is no stickiness, tightness or residue and they keep my makeup looking incredible. Tip: When you first use the sprays, mist the first pump into the air. They apply more consistently after the liquid has passed through the nozzle at least once. The Setting Sprays retail for $39.00 each and are also available in travel sizes for $18.00.

There are also 3 new Complexion Primers to choose from based on your skin’s individual needs. The first time I tried De-Slick I was impressed and a little shocked! Once applied it looks like there is a perfect, poreless, matte layer on top of my skin that feels incredibly silky. Unfortunately my excitement was short lived because once dry the primer has a mask-like effect that feels a bit tight and awkward. The formula doesn't provide any hydration and tends to flake-up in white patches (especially when layered). Although it does seem to control shine, the gel consistency is difficult to work with so I prefer the cream texture of the Optical Illusion Primer. De-Slick retails for $38.00.

The Optical Illusion Complexion Primer blurs flaws “for your most perfect-looking skin.” The pink tint initially appears a bit white but once blended it evens out and dries translucent while illuminating the face. The optical illusion creates a veil of scattered light, giving skin a soft-focused effect and poreless, “porcelain-like” finish. It also reduces fine lines and the creamy texture is infused with argan, rosehip and meadowfoam seed oils for moisture and antioxidants.

The Self Adjusting Complexion Primer (above) has an opaque formula with little flecks of pigment. When applied, the color-correcting pigments burst and adapt to your skin tone. Initially the cream applies white and although it does seem to adjust with some blending and patience, the finish still remains slightly lighter than my natural complexion but not enough to alter the shade of my foundation. Like the other two primers, this one has all the same smoothing benefits for even application and a flawless, matte finish.

There are also 2 new Prep Priming Sprays. B6 is a vitamin infused complex that balances, evens, smooths and absorbs oil. You can use it in the morning to revitalize and hydrate or spritz it on during the day to refresh, energize and soften without messing up your makeup. I like to keep it at my work desk for a little pick-me-up and you can use a generous amount without the formation of sticky residue. The nozzle emits a light, cooling blast of micro-fine mist that dries almost instantly and when you travel to the tropics (as I did last week), it feels amazing after a long day spent outdoors in the sun. The spray retails for $39.00.

The Quick Fix Hydra Charge Priming Spray balances and reinvigorates tired, lackluster skin. Use it post-cleansing to reduce pores, brighten, smooth and moisturize. Like the B6 you can also reapply as frequently as needed throughout the day and at night before treatments. It retails for $39.00

You can find Urban Decay Cosmetics at Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart, UD freestanding stores and online at

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