Monday, March 6, 2017

Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Skincare Review

The human body is comprised of about 60% water making it essential for daily functioning but many of us are not drinking the daily requirement. A hectic scheduled combined with pollution, fluctuations in weather, indoor heating or cooling systems and poor air quality can all lead to dehydrated, tired looking skin.

The new Hydra-Essentiel Collection from Clarins is the latest generation of anti-pollution skincare. Infused with organic Leaf of Life Extract harvested from Madagascar, the potent formula restores the skin’s water reservoirs to help retain moisture despite sudden temperature changes.

During the winter my skin can get parched and flaky but this year dryness wasn’t an issue! The Intensive Moisture Quenching bi-phase serum has a refreshing water base that deeply hydrates alleviates discomfort and absorbs quickly leaving skin supple, regenerated and smooth. The liquid tends to separate into light blue and deep blue so before use I shake well, pat on a generous amount and allow it to dry. There is no residue and it works well under makeup keeping my skin soft and protected without the accumulation of excess oil or grease. The cool invigorating sensation feels like a replenishing drink for the skin and the effects last all day. The serum retails for $56.00.

The Hydra-Essentiel Moisturizer ($46.00) is a lush, silky formula that works wonders day or night and when layered over the serum it maximizes hydration levels to nourish dull, stressed skin. The luxurious texture glides across the face bathing the skin in layers of lightweight dewy moisture with no stickiness or grease. My skin feels soft, even, smooth and revitalized with no rough patches and it seems to reduce pore size and enhance brightness for a radiant finish.

The Lotus Face Treatment Oil ($57.00) is not part of this amazing collection but when layered over the serum and moisturizer it creates the ultimate night recovery mask to revive and energize the skin as you get your beauty sleep. You can also use one of the Clarins Boosters on top of the Hydra-Essentiel range if you don’t have the oil but either way the reparative ingredients absorb deeply so I awake with clear, velvety skin! The Lotus Oil is comprised of 100% pure plant extracts that purify, balance, refine hydrate and improve oily or combination skin which equals less blemishes, pimples and discoloration.

Another product I’ve been using frequently is the Daily Energizer Cream which is rich in vitamin C, turmeric, alchemilla and gingko biloba to revitalize and prepare your skin for the day. Under makeup I use Clarins moisturizers more than any other brand and this light, cooling cream melts in efficiently, soothes and hydrates for a fresh, healthy glow. It retails for $29.00.

Clarins products are available at, department stores nationwide and Sephora

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