Tuesday, March 28, 2017

NYX Perfect Filter Shadow Palette, Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder & Prismatic Shadow Review

What I love most about NYX is their high quality cosmetics and affordable, trendy pigments. When it comes to drugstore makeup they offer some of the best products on the market and many of their formulas are comparable to higher-end brands which makes them popular among artists and social influencers.

The Perfect Filter Eye Shadow Palette is available in 5 color combinations inspired by different photo filters. Marine Layer has an eclectic mix of shades that I wouldn’t normally think of putting together but they are surprisingly multidimensional. The lovely emerald green has a refined glittery sheen and black base for a pretty duo-tone effect while the vivid blue is enhanced with pearlescent purple and the pink comes alive with mild shimmer. The inclusion of chocolate brown always comes in handy to shape and define the crease plus it contrasts well with all shadows in the palette. I love the iridescent silver (top left) and the frosty grey-blue underneath. There may be one too many grey shades in the top row but I like the balance of shimmer and matte.

The texture of the powder isn’t creamy but it is smooth and the formula and color payoff is good. The shadows have buildable saturation to customize coverage and the palette retails for $22.00.

The new Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder ($13.00) in the shade Lavender Steel may look unassuming in the pan and photo but don’t let that fool you, this highlighter is amazing! It comes in 4 awesome hues including Twilight Tint (soft blue), Crushed Bloom (dusty rose with pink and light blue), Snow Rose (white base with pink) and Synthetica (pink base with gold). The lavender has a chromatic pink tint that brightens the skin for a gorgeous glow and as the light catches it at different angles you can see a multitude of colors. 

The Prismatic Shadows ($7.99 ea) have a shimmery diamond-like effect that sparkles beautifully and the pigmentation is fantastic! The vibrant, metallic color applies bright and dramatic which looks great alone or mixed and matched with supporting shades.

Bottom - top: Shadows and highlighter

NYX Cosmetics is available at drugstores including Shoppers Drug Mart, freestanding stores and online at nyxcosmetics.ca

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