Friday, August 4, 2017

Outdoor Party Ideas & Summer Dinnerware

I’m more of a fall-winter kind of girl because I prefer cool weather but one of my favorite things about summer is backyard barbecues and fun patio parties!

There is nothing better than kicking back with an ice cold beer and enjoying a delicious grilled meal as the warm breeze lulls you into relaxation. My family and friends host parties all season so I’m always looking for new ideas to spruce-up the deck and incorporate vibrant color.

I review a lot of makeup and skincare from Avon but their home department features stunning tableware, decor and kitchen accessories. I recently picked out some beautiful dinning sets to give my deck a splash of trendy color and make every meal a special occasion.

The Floral Melamine Plates are one of my top finds because the bright, cheerful color and eye-catching pattern just screams summer! The set comes with 4 lightweight dinner plates and they make beautiful table accents.

If you are getting these gorgeous plates you might as well complete the set with the matching bowls. Some of the designs are a little misaligned (not sure if it's intentional) but I think the small differences actually make them more interesting and I love the summery motif. I usually set the bowls on top of the plates as guests arrive and because they stand out so well, you don’t need much else to decorate your table.

The Pepper Saver ($5.99) was something I thought would look decorative on the breakfast bar and help preserve my veggies. The website also has grape and raspberry shaped containers which are great for picnics and lunches.

After dinner it’s always polite to offer guests tea or coffee, although sangria is always another option on my deck.

These charming elephant tea mugs were too adorable to pass up and I love the built-in teabag holder in the head.

When I saw the Blossom Bowls I knew they would look fabulous on my table. They are large enough for meals or snacks (especially desserts) and I love that each floral design is a different color. When you aren’t partying, they also make lovely candy bowls and coffee table centerpieces or you can put one on the bedside table in your guestroom to add some pizzazz.

Delicious summer fruit is a must for any outdoor dinner which is why I love the Ceramic Berry Holder ($14.99). It displays your fruit beautifully and adds country-style flare for that fresh from the farm look.

If you’re wondering about any of the other pieces on the table – the cute pineapple table cloth is from Loblaws (on sale for 99 cents) and the beautiful lantern with battery operated candle was a gift from Canadian Tire- it retails for $49.99.

Avon is available online at and through independent consultants

*Note: these items are seasonal and only available for a limited time. Check out Avon's home collection for more great finds!

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