Thursday, August 17, 2017

Travel Essentials & Gadgets

While traveling the world over the last several years, I’ve become somewhat of an expert packer. When your luggage gets lost in  Rome or winds up in German while you’re in Dubai, you learn a thing or two about being prepared and what kind of essentials come in handy. Today I’m featuring a few products and gadgets that have made my journey more comfortable.

Aside from durable luggage that can withstand environmental assaults and careless baggage handlers, tags are very important. My suitcase has gone missing on a few occasions and if it isn't easy for the airline to identify, you may never find it. These bright, trendy tags from Conair ($10.00) are easy to spot in baggage claim and they cater to you inner fashionista with fun designs and bright prints. To read my article on how to pack a carry-on bag click HERE.

While vacationing or on press trips, I like to hit up the best dining and entertainment spots, which means packing formal wear and a nice perfume that can go from day to night. These small bottles from Yardley London ($18.00 ea) are the perfect size for travel and they come in a variety of fresh, floral scents including Lilly of the Valley, English Rose and Lavender – very light and summery. Yardley is available at Shoppers Drug Mart and

Comfortable shoes are a must, especially if you plan to explore the city on-foot and book some of those awesome sightseeing tours. All that walking or hiking can be brutal on the feet and the cobblestones in Europe can cause aches and pain. The Ecco Bio Venture GTX Tie all-round outdoor shoes ($250.00) support, cradle and cushion the feet with rubber insoles suitable for rough terrain. The lightweight, waterproof construction keeps you dry while the foam soles provide long-lasting comfort. I can walk for hours in these without any discomfort and they are idea for physical activity. To see other styles visit the website by clicking HERE.

Admittedly, ironing is my least favorite chore and if it weren’t for my husband, I’d probably give up and embrace the crinkles and wrinkles. While on vacation, the last thing I want to do is deal with annoying ironing boards and fiddle with foreign irons that always seem to leak or burn my outfit. The Conair Complete Streamer ($49.99) is compact for travel yet powerful enough to smooth and freshen your favorite garments. It heats up in just 60 seconds with a large steam head that works on most fabrics. Clothes will be crease-free and look neatly pressed in minutes, saving you many trips to the drycleaner. Conair is available at various retailers including The Bay, Walmart, Costco and online at

After your clothes are freshly steamed you may need to delint. I love wearing dark colors (especially black) but for some reason I only seem to notice the lint after I’ve left the house or hotel. If you’re still using those old fabric lint brushes or sticky paper that do the bare minimum, it’s time to upgrade to the Conair Extreme Fabric Defuzzer ($24.98). This little gadget removes fuzz, lint and pilling with a gentle suction fan that shaves off debris without damaging fabrics. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and you can use it anytime-anywhere to keep your clothes looking new.

I pack all my makeup in my carry-on because - 1. Losing all the high-end products in my luggage would be painful and 2. I don’t want to walk around looking like a jet lagged zombie the entire trip (I need my concealer). A good makeup bag keeps your products well organized and the variety of colors and designs from Sonia Kashuk are some of my faves! The bags have large compartments, removable pouches and brush holders so you can use them for cosmetics, jewelry and toiletries. To read my article on packing makeup for travel click HERE.

I love my electric toothbrush but it cost $200.00 and if something happened to my luggage it would disappear as well. Instead I pack the Travel Sonic Toothbrush from Carry Clean which retails for just $19.99 with an extra replacement head. It uses 1 AAA battery (included in the kit) and comes with a snap-on cover to protect the brush. Although it looks small, it vibrates 32,000 times per minute to provide a better clean than a manual brush and it keeps teeth and gums healthy while you’re out enjoying exotic cuisine. I also recommend popping the Carry Clean Dental Travel Pack in your carry-on bag to freshen your breath after a long flight. It comes with a deluxe travel toothbrush + storage case, 7 dental picks and a mini Colgate toothpaste.

I don't know about you, but after a long flight my hair is a total mess (seriously I look like I've been electrocuted) so I always keep one of my stylish Tangle Teezer Travel Brushes ($25.00) on-hand to keep my mane smooth, sleek and neat.

Vacations are a good time to use all those skincare samples you’ve collected over the year and I never forget my Foreo Luna Play ($49.00) to deep cleanse, remove impurities and rinse away blemish causing bacteria.

These cute, reusable travel containers from Avon ($19.99) come in handy when you want to pack your favorite products without lugging around full-size bottles that weight down your suitcase.

My travel essentials list could go on-and-on since there are so many small comforts that make life easier while on the road. To read my article on tips for planning a great vacation – what every traveler should know, click HERE.

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