Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Shu Uemura Hair Mask Treatments

Women always ask how I keep my hair so silky, long and healthy but the answer isn’t simple, it requires continuous effort and effective products. If I had to narrow it down I recommend: limiting heat styling and damaging chemicals like hair dye, eat healthy, take multi-vitamins, cut back on sulfates and increase moisture. I also sleep on a satin pillowcase, use natural oils, trim split ends, do weekly scalp massages, use GummiBand coils instead of regular hair ties to prevent breakage, nourish my ends with luxurious serums, limit shampooing to prevent brittleness and deep condition 2-3 times per month for at least 1-2 hours.

Nothing resurrects and replenishes dull, parched strands like a good hair mask and Shu Uemura has developed a wonderful collection of treatments for normal to thick hair.

The Color Luster Brilliant Glaze Mask ($66.00) preserves the vibrancy of color treated hair and functions like a protective varnish to prevent fading without sulfates. I’ve never dyed my hair but the formula also strengthens, restructures, softens and boosts shine to help counteract the damaging effects of over-processing. If you have thick hair, the treatment can be used as regular in-shower conditioner for more hydration.

My hair sucks up moisture like a sponge so I don’t have to worry about limpness. If you have thin hair or fine strands these formulas might be too heavy.

The method I use to get the most from my hair mask is simple:
1. Shampoo, rinse and use a light conditioner with lots of slip to detangle. The Tangle Teezer Aqua Brush works like a charm.
2. After rinsing, part your hair into manageable sections and apply the mask. Saturate the ends thoroughly and comb through evenly to distribute the product.
3. Tie or pin your hair up at the top of your head and cover with a plastic (disposable) shower cap.
4. Wrap your head with a hair towel/turbie twist for 1-2 hours to trap in the heat and enhance absorption. To speed up this process use the heat from your blow dryer to warm the plastic cap for 15-20 mins and rinse thoroughly.
5. Air dry or use the cool setting on your blow dryer and style as usual.
*Note: Adjust the treatment time based on your hair type or follow the directions on the jar.

Silk Bloom with Argan Oil ($66.00) is formulated for damaged hair. It deeply restores and fortifies to prevent split-ends, frizz and breakage. This thick, creamy treatment is great for people who use heat appliances like blow dryers, curling rods and flat irons because the conditioner rejuvenates rough, brittle strands by enveloping each one in rich, nutritive moisture for a radiant finish. I notice immediate improvement in texture - my hair feels incredibly soft, smooth and polished with a glossy sheen that lasts until my next wash day. It also makes a wonderful detangler and smells fantastic!

The colorful coils you see around the jars are GummiBands – they protect my hair from breakage and hold my ponytail snugly without denting or crinkling. There are a variety of trendy shades to choose from and the gummi material does not absorb oil, sweat or water. The cords are easy to remove without yanking out strands of hair and a box of 4 retails for $7.99 at gummiband.ca.

Shusu Sleek ($66.00) is paraben and silicone free for coarse frizzy hair. Inspired by Japanese silk, this luxurious formula works wonders on curls and thick waves by deeply nourishing, moisturizing and maintaining the natural shape of your spirals. It creates movement, bounce and body without poof and the power of Black Cumin Oil drenches hair in vitamins to help slow hair loss, soften and alleviate scalp irritation. Like the other masks in this collection, the rich formula is great for repairing damage, protecting against environmental elements and strengthening to prevent breakage but the scent is a bit spicy.

The results I achieved with these treatments were much better than anything I’ve experienced at high-end salons and my hair looks healthy and lustrous. Shu Uemura is available at Hudson's Bay, Sephora and online at shuuemura.ca.

Since we’re talking about hair care, I should also mention my collection of Tangle Teezer Compact Stylers because I recently got 2 new designs – the red lips with stripes and the adorable Hello Kitty ($21.00 - $25.00 each). I love these brushes because they fit in my purse and come with a cap that protects the bristles from getting warped. The long spindly teeth are perfect for detangling all hair types including long, thick tresses and I also use it to distribute conditioner and masks through my wet curls to enhance treatment results and make my ringlets more spring-y. They also comb through pesky knots with minimal hair loss and stimulate blood flow to the scalp. Tangle Teezer is available at The Bay, Sephora and online at tangleteezer.com.

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