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Valentine’s Day 2018 - Gift Ideas & Beauty Essentials

Valentine’s Day is almost here and it looks like Cupid went on a decorating frenzy covering the stores in pink and red. My husband and I plan unique date nights all the time but I like the idea of setting aside a special day to celebrate love - it forces us to step back from our hectic lives, indulge in a little romance and appreciate our relationship. It is also perfectly acceptable to stuff your face with chocolate without being judged for slacking on your New Year’s resolutions.

I’m not the type of girl who wants 20 stuffed animals in my room (no matter how cute) and although roses are gorgeous I’m convinced that flowers and plants hate me (they seem to die as soon as I take them home). I much prefer a weekend getaway, fragrance, wine, tickets to the ballet or opera, books, jewelry and of course I never turn down makeup.

To help you get ready for date night I’ve rounded up some cute products and guys if you’re reading this, I hope you get some great gift ideas (don’t wait until the last minute).

Good skincare is essential for flawless makeup and a pimple-free night. If you take forever to get ready (like me) then do a rejuvenating face mask the night before. The Better Skin Lava Magik Cleanser Scrub and Mask ($42.00) is a great all-in-one treatment. The formula is infused with real volcanic lava, calendula, sweet orange, grape seed, cucumber, parsley and chamomile plus the brand is paraben-free, gluten-free and vegan. The mineral-rich paste removes dirt, oil and impurities while gently buffing away dead cells, boosting radiance, moisturizing, softening and minimizing pores. (Available at Murale and

While pampering your complexion why not relax with a nice cup of tea. The Lot’s of Kisses Mug ($14.99) is adorable and the extra large size is perfect for satisfying my caffeine cravings. If you prefer a less stimulating drink try the Tealish Purple Peace Empower Me Tea ($18.00). This warm, velvety blend contains orange and apple pieces, coriander seeds, cinnamon, cardamom, pink peppercorn and cloves which all have amazing health benefits. I like to drink it with a splash of milk and honey. (Available at

My hair takes a long time to style so I need all the help I can get. The Power Dry Me Spray ($19.50) decreases blow drying time by 50% while conditioning, smoothing, reducing frizz and shielding from heat damage. The formula is lightweight non-sticky and smells wonderful!
(Available online at

After all that styling you’ll need a great finishing product to keep your do in-place and looking fab. The Matrix Style Fixer ($19.99) is an anti-humidity hairspray that provides long lasting hold and shine with an ultra dry finish and no flakes. If you’re going for a tousled windswept look try the Matrix Texture Builder ($19.00) for lift, body, movement and volume - your mane will look luscious all night. (Salon listing at

I am all for using products that protect my hair and prevent damage which is why I love gummiband! Since discovering these cute accessories I’ve abandoned all my other hair bands. The coil design holds my ponytail snugly with no denting or crinkling and they look good on my wrist. There are a variety of trendy shades to choose from and the gummi material does not absorb oil, sweat or water which means no bacteria. They are also easy to remove without yanking or breaking strands of hair. The best part - you can re-use the cords for years and when they stretch out simply apply some heat with a blow dryer and they shrink back to their original shape. A box of 4 hair cords retails for $7.99 at

This Valentine’s day I will be digging into my stash of lipstick and choosing the sexiest shades but no matter how pretty the pigment, dry lips are not cute. Make sure to moisturize heavily before applying your lip color – start with a scrub to exfoliate rough skin and condition your pout with the Eos Pomegranate Raspberry Lip Balm ($5.53 each). The ultra hydrating, organic formula is loaded with antioxidants, shea, jojoba and vitamin E to soften, smooth and nourish. These tubes coincide with the V-Day color scheme so keep one in your purse and give a few to those you love.

The Avon True Color Let’s Make Out Lipstick Trio ($20.00) makes a fabulous gift and the colors are perfect for a night out. The set includes 3 sultry matte shades: Red Supreme, Hot Plum (one of my all-time faves) and Marvelous Mocha for neutral lovers. The creamy, saturated pigment glides on effortlessly and drenches lips in full-coverage vibrant color. (Available at

If you prefer subtle shades try Avon's Just Kiss Me Lip Balm ($10.00). It provides a soft, lightweight tint that makes your pout appear supple and seductive.

These are too cute to pass-up!

After you’ve shimmied into your little black dress you’ll need some eye-catching jewelry to accentuate your beauty. Ruby is the perfect gem stone to represent love and Avon’s Ravishing Red Collection is much better than roses. This sophisticated set includes tear drop earrings ($14.99), bracelet ($11.99), necklace ($11.99) and a large glittering ring ($11.99). Although the pieces are very affordable they look elegant and expensive so this is the perfect gift if you’re on a budget. The vivid red and diamond-like accents sparkle beautifully against the skin so he won't be able to take his eyes off you. (Available at

If you prefer something delicate and a little less glam I recommend the lacy Filagree Teardrop Earrings ($11.99). The pattern reminds me of exotic Moroccan lamps and the design is great for special occasions and everyday wear. (Available at

For the finishing touch you will need an irresistible fragrance and although I have a large collection this year I’m going with something strong, mysterious and graceful. Avon’s Prima Noir ($30.00) features an alluring black and red ombré bottle that compliments the warm spicy notes within. Silky violet and opulent jasmine contrast beautifully with creamy vanilla creating an enticing feminine scent that is sure to turn heads.  

The night doesn’t have to end after dinner. Keep the passion going, break out the massage oils and set the mood by lighting an intoxicating candle. Avon has a delicious selection including Celebrate Love ($12.00) with notes of sparking citrus, tart berries, effervescent musk and rose petals.

The Lot's of Kisses Journal is also from Avon, it retails for $7.99.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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