Friday, April 6, 2018

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick Review - The Un-Nudes Collection

Don’t you just hate it when you have a fun evening planned and by the first fistful of popcorn or second sip of sangria your lipstick is smeared all over your food, glass or face? Well say goodbye to constant touch-ups and hello to Maybelline’s Matte Inks. Apply one of these liquid lipsticks and you can party until the sun comes up and smooch to your heart’s content because the color lasts all day! I’ve already reviewed some of my favorite shades from the core collection so today I’m featuring the Un-Nudes range which includes some unconventional colors.

I’ve tested just about every lip trend and popular brand on the market and none can outlast these bold inks. This is the longest lasting formula I’ve ever tried which is why I’m confident enough to leave home without my lipstick (now that’s some serious trust).

To get the most from your color, let the first layer dry before applying a second coat. Don’t be alarmed by the stickiness, it’s a small price to pay for transfer-proof durability and a perfectly painted pout that doesn’t fade.

The vivid pigment glides on creamy and blendable so you have time to shape and define your lips before it dries completely matte. The color clings to the skin like a paint or lacquer (you will definitely feel it) but the finish is intensely saturated for ultimate poutiness. Surprisingly, the texture does not feel extremely dry, there is just enough moisture to keep my lips comfortable and the tightness wears away. If you require more hydration or suffer from chapped skin, try exfoliating first. You can also use primer or balm underneath but that may affect adhesion and longevity.

The Un-Nudes are a bit unusual. I’m not sure if I will wear the light peach tones or concrete grey but they definitely spice-up my makeup collection. I suggest swatching before making a final decision because some shades are more appealing on the skin. The brown tones (Seductress, Amazonian and Fighter) are quite pretty and although they are neutral, the finish isn’t nude.

At the end of a long day my lipstick looks the same as it did when I first applied it but you’re probably wondering how to get it off. Thankfully all it takes is a good makeup remover and a little soaking. The color comes off rather quickly with very little staining. I use an eye cleanser from Flomar Beauty which lifts the color off with minimal rubbing. Unfortunately this brand is not available in the U.S. or Canada but you can find it in Europe, South America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa (I discovered it in Madrid).

The deeper end of the spectrum is pretty! I love the dark red (great on all skin tones) and the vampy blackberry and violet are eccentric (in a good way).

If you can get over the initial texture I definitely think you will like these. The formula is incredible and my obsession seems to have worn off on my family because the women are totally hooked! The lipsticks retail for $11.99 each.

You should also try the new Tattoo Studio Brow Gel ($14.99) – available in 4 shades. My mom told me about this product before the brand sent it to me for review and she was right, the waterproof formula lasts all day with no smudging or transfer. The packaging says it can actually stay on for up to 2 days and the deep brown is perfect for my dark hair without being too ashy.

The kit comes with a Sculpting tip for precise application and a grooming spoolie to tame, neaten and blend. My mom showed me a neat trick – she dips a small angled brush on the sculpting tip to coat it in color and then uses it to shape and fill. I actually prefer this method because it provides more definition and the color payoff is fabulous. 

Maybelline is available at drugstores nationwide

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