Sunday, April 8, 2018

Shu Uemura Skin Purifier Cleansing Oil Review

Spring has officially begun but as I write this, snow is fluttering down outside my window. Winter weather and harsh climates can cause skin to become dehydrated, tight and uncomfortable so I’ve been using the Shu Uemura Beauty Oils instead of face wash. These luxurious Japanese cleansers have been around for 50 years and they were initially created to remove heavy Hollywood stage makeup without damaging an actor’s skin. Since then the brand has gained overwhelming popularity worldwide, spreading the message that “beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin.”

It takes about 3-4 pumps for a thorough coating and the oil works best if your hands and face are dry to begin with. Rubbing the liquid between your palms can waste product because it does not lather or foam. Simply massage the cleanser onto the skin and then add water to emulsify into a milky solution. It does feel like you are washing your face with a glossy oil, but it rinses clean with a supple, hydrating finish and no greasiness. My face feels soft, clean and refreshed with no uncomfortable dryness and it effectively removes makeup and impurities. 

I haven’t really tested the oils on heavy makeup yet but they are formulated to work on waterproof formulas. When dealing with sensitivity and irritation, the lightweight cleansers gently unclog pores to prevent blemishes while antioxidants and plant extracts sooth, purify, balance and nourish. 

In the green bottle you have the Anti-Oxi + Pollutant & Dullness Clarifying Oil ($46.00). This enhanced blend removes micro-impurities deep within the skin to help battle city smog and environmental aggressors. It isn’t my favorite scent but the Green Tea and Moringa extracts help restore dull, yellow skin while gently exfoliating and boosting radiance.

The Nutri Nectar Gentle Oil ($46.00) comforts, heals, strengthens and conditions delicate skin with Acai, Magnoila and Reishi Mushroom which gives the cleanser an earthy fragrance.  

The Ultime8 ($46.00) replenishes and hydrates for a soft, silky complexion and improved makeup application. The botanicals are derived from Chinese medicinal ingredients that detoxify and prevent blemishes.

The Porefinist2 Sakura Refreshing Oil ($46.00) is ideal for oily and acne prone skin. The formula washes away excess sebum and blackheads to refine and smooth.

Shu Uemura is available at Sephora, Hudson’s Bay and online at

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