Monday, November 18, 2019

How to Clean and Reuse Candle Jars | Cozy Winter Scents and Simple DIY Home Accents

On cool fall days I love wrapping myself in a fluffy fleece blanket with a glass of wine and the ambiance of soft candlelight in the background. There is something enchanting about a warm, flickering glow and inviting scents.

For the fall/winter season Avon has created delectable fragrances like maple pumpkin pancakes, creamy vanilla frosting and ripe berries. When my husband and I have movie night at home, we use candles to create a cozy, romantic vibe. 

During the holiday season, candles are great for dinner parties and intimate gatherings with friends and family. They compliment the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree and I love when the house smells like fresh baked cookies or cinnamon spice.

Another thing I like about Avon candles is the 3 wick design. The the wax melts evenly without leaving a well in the middle so there is less waste.

Unfortunately a lot recycled glass breaks before it reaches the sorting center and the shards cannot be reused. If my pretty candle jars end up in a landfill it would be a total waste so I've decided to re-purpose them for home decor and organization.

Freezing the jars for 24 hours to crack the wax did not work. It might depend on the type of candles you use but mine were still quite gummy. After some trial and error I finally found a quick and effective method.

Cleaning Directions

1. Fill a pot with just enough water to cover the level of leftover wax and bring to a boil. Turn off the stove and place the candle in the pot.

The labels and stickers on Avon candles are easy to peel off before heating the jar but if you are using another brand, the hot water should loosen the glue and wick plates. Don't let the wax seep into the pot or it may be difficult to clean.

2. Wait for the candle to melt completely. If there is a lot of wax leftover or if it is not melting fast enough, turn the stove to low heat.

3. Once the wax has liquefied, remove the jar (be careful not to burn yourself) and empty the liquid into a garbage bag lined with paper towel.The metal base of the wicks should be loose. If not, use a butter knife to dislodge them.

*DO NOT pour hot wax down the sink as it may harden and clog the drain. If necessary, dip a clean paper towel in the hot water you just used and wipe the sides of the jar so the wax does not solidify and become sticky. 

4. Immediately wash the jar with warm water, dish soap and baking soda to remove residue. Use an old kitchen sponge and make sure to soap and rinse thoroughly - about 4 to 5 times.

5. Candle fragrance is nearly impossible to get rid of but if you are using the jar for Q-Tips or beauty supplies, you may not want them to absorb the scent. Try filling the jar and lid with warm water, dish soap and 1 heaping teaspoon of baking soda. Stir and let them soak for about 24 hours just to make sure most of the scent, leftover glue and wax is completely gone.

6. (Optional) the plain jars look great but you can personalize them to match your decor and style. I use scrapbook paper with labels and fun patterns. You can also print designs from the internet or use pretty ribbon and glitter.

These Avon jars are great for storing hair ties, bobby pins, candy, cotton balls, dog/cat treats, lipsticks, makeup brushes, single eye shadows, eyeliners, makeup sponges, loose change, pens, spices and so much more! Use them to make cute succulent terrariums or flower vases for your guestroom and vanity. The possibilities are endless.

Avon’s candles retail for $19.99 each and usually go on sale at the end of each season. Head to to see this year's holiday collection.

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