Thursday, August 20, 2020

6 Expert Tips for Long Lasting Eye Makeup

During the summer I get a lot of questions about how to prolong the wear of eye makeup, so today I am sharing a few techniques and products for best application.

1. Use a Good Base
This may seem like a no-brainer, but the primer you use makes a big difference. I’ve lounged in the pool, camped in the dessert and been jet boating over white water rapids without my eye makeup running, smearing, or fading.

After much testing, my two favorite primers are Urban Decay Primer Potion ($32) and NYX Pigment Primer ($9).

*On clean dry skin, apply a generous layer of primer on your lids and crease. Don’t be afraid to extend it right up to your brow bone when using a highlight shade.

*Make sure to apply your shadow immediately, while the base is still creamy and tacky. If you wait, it will dry out and the pigment won’t adhere well.

*When using shimmer, glitter, or metallic shadow, apply a layer of glitter primer on top of your regular primer to keep loose pigments in place and limit lid to crease transfer.

2. Mist your eye shadow brush with setting spray (I like UD’s All Nighter Ultra Matte ($45). It also works well on oily eyelids.

Pat the shadow onto your lid or apply with short, firm strokes. Use a fluffy blending brush for the crease.

For extra hold, close your eyes and mist your entire face with setting spray after your look is complete. To learn how to keep foundation in place all day click HERE.

Makeup tip: remember to clean your brushes regularly for best application. Bristles covered in caked on product become stiff and less effective. 

3. Use good quality eye shadow
Application and finish depends on the quality of your shadow. If you want your makeup to last all day, stay away from chalky, patchy, sheer, cheaply formulated pigment. Avoid shadows with tons of fallout and transfer (matte hues tend to hold up best).

I prefer creamy, dense, highly saturated colors that are easy to intensify and blend. You should be able to achieve good coverage in a single swipe.

Makeup tip: before purchasing a palette read reviews, watch tutorials and swatch every shade to see how they perform and feel.

4. Use waterproof eyeliner and mascara (even in the winter)
Heat, humidity, sweat and long days at the office can cause your makeup to bleed, fade and wear away quickly. Opt for waterproof formulas and use mascara primer for longevity and volume. Don’t be afraid to slap on a couple coats for reinforcement and remember to replace your mascara every 3-4 months.

Makeup tip: line your eyes with a long-wear creamy black pencil and then apply liquid liner on top. This method prolongs wear and helps create a straighter line. 

5. Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes and face
 If you must, gently scratch with a tissue.

6. Keep a battery operated fan in your purse
One way to ensure a dry, fresh face and vivid eye shadow is by keeping a fan in your purse. This 4 inch palm-size Opoloar fan ($19.99) is a lifesaver when I start to get hot, shiny and sweaty on humid days. It is rechargeable, foldable and has 3 speeds that are powerful enough to keep me cool and prevent my makeup from melting. You can find it online at or Amazon.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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