Monday, August 31, 2020

7 Kerastase Hair Treatments You Need To Try

If you’ve been spending a lot of time in the pool or sun this summer, let’s talk about hair treatments. After all that UV, chlorine, sweat and neglect, your mane might be looking a little dry, brittle and dull.

Maybe your issue is hair dye, shedding, dryness, heat damage or insufficient conditioner. Whatever the reason, fragile strands can be saved.

For Dry, Rebellious, Frizzy Hair

If you are hesitant to use oils for fear of looking greasy, Kerastase has you covered. Their light, fragrant Oleo formulas give your mane a sleek, glossy finish with no residue. I recommend Oleo-Relax Advanced Morpho-Huiles ($60) or Nutritive Oleo Relax ($60).

Oleo-Relax suppresses unwanted volume, moisturizes and provides heat protection up to 450˚F. It also makes styling easier and provides long lasting shine with less flyaways and poof. If your hair resembles a wiry birds nest on humid days (we’ve all been there), you’ll love this stuff!

Nutritive Oleo Relax is ideal for wavy, curly and coily medium to thick hair. It seals weak ends, smooths and hydrates with a nourishing blend of shorea butter, coconut oil and rosa muscata fruit oil. Apply it to your lengths for luster and softness. The silky formula is perfect for blowouts because it helps maintain manageability in up to 80% humidity. I often use it to treat and repair my ends.

The wonderful thing about Kerastase oils is that they can all be used to refresh and perfume your hair from root to tip between wash days without weighing it down.

To Fortify and Retain Growth

If you are experiencing shedding or breakage, try the Kerastase Genesis Defense Thermique Anti Hair-Fall ($49). This is one of my new favorites because it makes my hair incredibly soft, smooth, healthy and bouncy with an irresistible scent. The formula is suitable for all hair types (straight, wavy, curly and coily – fine, medium and thick).

It also thickens, protects against heat, prevents split-ends and reduces breakage by reinforcing weak fibers.

You’ll also love Kerastase Resistance Extentioniste Thermique Length Caring Gel Cream ($49). This light conditioner moisturizes and supports weak, damaged strands so your mane can grow long and strong. Use it before blow drying and flat ironing for salon quality results or simply apply it as a leave-in conditioner to improve texture and curl/wave formation.

For Damage Repair, Breakage, Split-Ends, and Dryness

I’ve been using the Kerastase 8 Hour Magic Night Serum ($65.00) for a few weeks and I have noticed a difference in the health of my hair but only when applied correctly.

Tip #1 - Do not apply on dry hair (you’ll waste it). The serum will not absorb and you will have to use way too much to coat your strands. Instead, slightly dampen your hair with water (It doesn’t have to be dripping wet) and massage into roots, lengths and ends. Braid your hair or wrap it into a bun and leave the treatment on for at least 6 hours overnight to really get the benefits of the root extracts and vitamins. Rinsing is not necessary but it depends on how much you use.

Tip # 2 – After washing and detangling, mix some serum into your deep conditioner, use bobby pins to clip your hair atop your head and cover with a plastic shower cap and microfiber hair towel to create heat and promote absorption. Leave it on for 3-4 hours.

A faster method is passing heat from a blow dryer over the plastic cap for 10-15 mins before rinsing thoroughly and styling.

Overtime I noticed fewer loose hairs in my brush (even though I didn’t have a problem with shedding to begin with), increased shine, softness and flexibility.

Summer Must-Haves

For a sexy summer look, try Aura Botanica Silicone Free 99% Natural Beach Effect Wave ($44). It creates texture, body and volume when sprayed on damp hair and the scent is wonderful.

Since I have natural curls, I use this product as a leave-in to give my spirals extra bounce and when my hair is flat ironed, I spritz some on before wash day and scrunch to create cascading waves.

Soleil Sirene Hair Oil Mist is always in my beach bag. The nourishing formula softens curls, defines and boosts shine while protecting hair from sun damage, fading and dryness.

Kerastase is available at salons nationwide, Sephora,, department stores and select online retailers.

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