Monday, August 17, 2020

NEW Mary Kay Unlimited Lip Gloss | Review & Swatches

Now that face masks are mandatory in public spaces, I’ve been wearing no-fuss, lightweight lip color that is moisturizing, comfortable and easy to reapply. In the heat and humidity I prefer simple gloss with a pop vibrancy – something I can whip out between meetings to perk up my complexion as I make my way around the city.

Mary Kay’s new Unlimited Gloss ($18 ea) is available in 14 high-shine, hydrating shades that range from nude, pink, red, and deep purple. They also come in three finishes – cream, pearl and shimmer.

Although the pigments are sheer, you can add a couple extra layers to enhance the color. The glistening wet effect makes lips appear plump, smooth, full and alluring.

It takes a lot for lip gloss to impress me but I absolutely love the cushiony formula – it is super plush and juicy! It feels like a silky lip treatment – hydrating and nourishing without any stickiness or drag.

The doe foot applicator is much more flexible than your average wand. It glides around the lip contour with ease – filling in edges and corners.

Now let’s talk more about shade selection because there are quite a few neutrals.

In the nude category most of the glosses have a pink or flesh tone base so there is something for all complexions. (My neutral match is Unique Mauve).

(My favorite shades will be marked with a star*)

Left to right: Fancy Nancy (shimmer), Pink Ballerina (pearl), *Unique Mauve (cream), Nude Blush (cream) and *Sheer Illusion (pink-gold shimmer).

I like the creams and iridescent pearls but a couple of the shimmers (particularly Fancy Nancy and Beach Bronze) are a tad difficult to remove (glitter particles are always a pain in the butt).

I wish there were more bright hues because they tend to be my favorite, especially during the summer.

Despite the sheer coverage, these shades are bold and vibrant.

*Evening Berry (pearl), *Berry Delight (pearl), *Iconic Red (cream), *Pink Fusion (Cream)

There is also a range of brown neutrals to choose from. The bronze (Copper Aura) and shimmery gold (Beach Bronze) are quite similar (I don’t think we needed both) but chocolaty colors are always trendy in autumn and they look beautiful on deep skin tones.

Copper Aura (shimmer), Beach Bronze (shimmer), Soft Nude (pearl), *Tawny Nude (cream) and Chocolate Nude (cream).

If you’re looking for amazing go-to gloss, you should definitely try these.

MK has also released new Cream Blush Duo Sticks and Foil Eye Shadows. The blush packaging is perfect for travel and the colors are beautiful.

Mauve and Shimmer provides contour, color and definition all-in-one. The pigment is deep (suitable for medium to dark skin tones) and the gold highlighter is stunning! It glides on soft, lightweight and creamy with a natural, seamless finish that lasts all day. Pink and Glimmer has a touch of mauve with a light gold highlighter. It might look best on fair to medium complexions.

The Foil Shadows are bright and dramatic with a dazzling finish and smooth velvety texture. The particles are not chunky or messy but I still recommend using a tacky base or glitter primer immediately before application so the pigment adheres well, stays put and remains vibrant. 

Mary Kay is available online at and through independent consultants.

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