Thursday, September 10, 2020

9 Products to Help You Survive Your Period

When that time of the month rolls around PMS symptoms can knock you off your feet, cancel your plans and essentially ruin your life. Many of the side-effects were never discussed in 5th grade health class and most people suffer silently, waiting for it to pass.

The curse (as I like to call it) can affect your ability to function and be productive so over the years I’ve tested several supplements, vitamins and tinctures to naturally balance hormones and lessen discomfort.

Today’s article features 9 products that may help alleviate cramps, PMS, hormonal imbalance, menorrhagia (heavy periods), symptoms of endometriosis, fibroids and more.

1. Living Apothecary Well Woman Loose Leaf Tea 
($16 - $48)
This herbal tonic is infused with red raspberry, lemon balm and schisandra chasteberry to nourish the reproductive system. It helps balance hormones before and after your period which may treat PMS symptoms, irregular cycles, cramps, acne, irritability and stress.

I use this blend every month and it definitely helps with hormonal issues during and after my period. The tea is available online at

2. EstroSmart ($38 - $46.99)
If you need long lasting results to regulate your body the entire month and improve reproductive health, EstroSmart is incredible. It helps women coping with hormonal imbalance, acne, painful menstruation and PMS symptoms.

This is a natural supplement that balances estrogen and progesterone levels to halt abnormal cell growth including fibroids, cysts and endometriosis. It also helps maintain a healthy cervix and prevents HPV, cervical cancer, irregular periods, breast pain, backaches and more.

You may have to adjust the dosage to suit your needs (the recommended number of daily capsules was way more than I needed). You might also have to hold your nose when swallowing because the pills smell a bit like mothballs.

Estrosmart is sold at health food stores, drugstores and online at

3. Traditional Medicinals Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea ($4.49 per box)
Red Raspberry Leaf is a natural treatment that has been used to help women cope with pregnancy and the pain of childbirth for thousands of years. It is commonly referred to as “the women’s herb.”

This powerful uterine tonic eases cramps, lessens heavy bleeding, balances mood, regulates your menstrual cycle, balances hormones, relieves adrenal fatigue, prevents acne, reduces inflammation and tones the uterus.

You can drink red raspberry tea daily to help with hormonal imbalance or start your herbal regiment a few days before your period and drink it throughout to manage pain.

The tea is available at health food stores, amazon and online at

4. Traditional Medicinals Organic Healthy Cycle Tea ($5.79 per box)
To promote a healthy cycle with lighter, shorter periods, Traditional Medicinals also makes a tea specifically formulated to regulate your cycle and alleviate cramps. It contains a blend of raspberry leaf extract, licorice root, stinging nettle leaf, dandelion leaf, spearmint, rose hip, verbena, lemon grass, ginger and chamomile.

For best results I drink a cup in the morning with breakfast and drink the Red Raspberry Leaf Tea at night. 

I have not been able to find Healthy Cycle at local health food stores in the GTA/Southern Ontario but it is currently available at

5. Probiotics
Hormones that regulate your menstrual cycle are influenced by your gut so taking a daily probiotic can diminish abdominal discomfort, gas, diarrhea, cramps and bloating with the added benefit of preventing colds and yeast infections.

I’ve tried several popular brands but my favorite is Koena which contains 30 billion CFU (colony forming units of active microorganism) that support gastrointestinal health and promote healthy gut flora. I also use it while traveling to prevent and treat food poisoning and it helps boost the immune system.

Koena is available at drugstores and health food stores nationwide.

6. Iron Supplement
Those who experience heavy periods are susceptible to iron deficiency due to blood loss. Common symptoms include fatigue, dizziness, weakness and brittle nails. Taking an iron supplement may boost energy and ease cramping.

I recommend My Kind Organics Plant Iron & Organic Herbs ($22.99) - a vegan, gluten-free liquid formula. Along with iron it contains Vitamins C, B6, B12, ashwagandha and over 31 fruits, vegetables, sprouts, seeds and roots.

This product is available at health food stores and

 7. Salonpas Pain Relieving Hot Gel-Patch 
($5.98 - $17.06)
These patches work wonders to help cope with the aches and pains of PMS. They are much more convenient than a hot water bottle or electric heating pad because you can wear them under your clothes and go about your day.

The larger patches are great for lower back pain and uterine cramps. Simply peel off the film and stick the pad on dry skin (don’t apply body lotion on the area as it will reduce adhesion). The patches provide a warm, soothing sensation for up to 8 hours! When applied to the base of the skull and neck, the smaller patches help relieve migraines.

My husband uses them to ease his chronic back and joint pain. They may also relieve symptoms of fibromyalgia, sciatica, sore muscles and stiffness.

Salonpas is sold at drugstores nationwide including Walmart.

 8. Advil
Painkillers may be a temporary fix but they can effectively dull your symptoms and reduce bleeding. With Advil (regular, extra strength or liquid gel) I usually only need one pill a day and they are particularly useful at night when I need to rest. I only take painkillers as a last resort - when I don't have the herbal teas mentioned above.

 9. Egyptian Magic ($31 - $48)
If you haven’t heard of Egyptian Magic read my article - How to Get Clear Glowing Skin: 3 Products You Need to Try – which lists the ingredients and describes the wonderful benefits of this healing balm. 

Recently I discovered that it also soothes and treats sore nipples and tender breasts (sometimes withing minutes!). Egyptian Magic is sold at Use coupon code NCYH7RDH for $5 off.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always speak with a qualified healthcare practitioner before taking any medication or supplements.

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