Sunday, March 21, 2021

10K Followers on Instagram! Let’s celebrate with Hanzel and Gretel Bakers

I don’t usually celebrate social media milestones but after the year we’ve had, I’ve learned to appreciate the small things and not take anything for granted. 

I love creating content and experimenting with photography so it’s nice to know that people are enjoying it. 

10.2 K followers on Instagram is awesome and I want to thank everyone who supports my page. Your comments and kindness inspire me to continue.
Over the years I’ve connected with many amazing brands and I’ve made wonderful friendships. 

Socializing may be limited during the pandemic but Instagram has been a great outlet to share my interests, help small business, stay connected and expand my brand. 

To honor this milestone I’m celebrating with one of my favorite home bakeries – Hanzel and Gretel Bakers. Special thanks to them for creating this stunning cake.
The stenciling and gold accents are exquisite and I love the fresh donuts.

For this masterpiece we decided to go with their decadent chocolate cake. It is rich, moist and mouth-watering. She even made the icing in my favorite color! 

All of their desserts (cupcakes, cakesicles, chocolate covered Oreos) are absolutely delicious and they always add so many gorgeous details!
The bakery specializes in custom desserts for all occasions and works closely with clients to create fun, vibrant designs. They also make beautiful strawberry towers and delectable sweet boxes that are perfect for gifting. 

If you’d like to support a small local business, DM @HanzelandGretelBakers on Instagram and follow my page - @DiaryofaTrendaholic to stay connected.

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