Monday, March 22, 2021

Savor Living Vegan Food Delivery Service

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or simply committed to eating healthy, Savor Living has a plant-based meal plan with your name on it.

I’m not vegan but I do have a hectic schedule that does not leave much time to source the best organic ingredients or organize meal prep. Eating healthy is important so I am always looking for new ways to improve my diet.

Savor Living food delivery service and subscription is perfect for busy individuals and families who want well balanced, nutritious meals without all the planning, shopping, cooking and cleanup.
Sign up for 4 weeks and get 20% off! After that you are eligible for 10% off for life and you can pause or cancel at any time. 

 How it works: 

Simply pick a meal plan – single, double, family size or À la cart to build your own custom menu. The chef prepared entrées change every week so you always have great variety and never get bored. 

The food is preservative-free, prepared fresh and delivered to your door within 24 hours every Tuesday. You also have the option of picking it up at their COVID-friendly, contact-free facility in Oakville.
Savor Living uses recyclable, zero waste packaging and all meals are clearly labelled with nutritional information and ingredients. Many of the dishes are packed with protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. 

The breakfast wrap is made with tofu scramble (which is well seasoned and tastes more like chickpeas), potato wedges, fresh kale, mushrooms and spicy vegan mayo. My husband loves the Big Mac Wrap because it contains everything a good burger should and it is convenient for eating lunch on-the-go. Both wraps are large and very filling.
I was actually surprised by how generous the portions are. When most people think of vegan food they imagine boring lettuce and bland veggies but these dishes are hearty and flavorful! Some of them are large enough to share or eat as two meals and I didn’t even miss the meat. 

My favorite is the Mexican Layered Salad. It tastes like Chipotle but much better! I love the avocado, corn, beans, lettuce, bell pepper and cheese medley with the creamy chipotle dressing.
The Mandarin Ramen Salad is packed with beans, peanuts, carrots, fruit, green onion, sesame seeds and shredded lettuce. The Miso dressing adds a delicious smoky peanut flavor.
The Oliver Potato Salad makes a great lunch or side. I seasoned it with garlic powder, black pepper and salt.
The entrées are tasty too. I ordered the Aloo Gobi Matar which isn't authentic Indian food (the flavors are very mild) but it is great with naan and the portion is more than enough for two people.
The Buckwheat and Ratatouille includes a chicken substitute and veggies cooked in tomato sauce.
Overall I love the freshness, quality and convince of this food service and the best part - they make eating healthy so easy! 

For more information or to see their menus, visit the website at Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @DiaryofaTrendaholic for more amazing food!

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