Tuesday, May 11, 2021

How to do Winged Eyeliner | Celopatra Cat Eye Stamp by Lyda Beauty

I love a bold cat eye. Sharp black liner with a nice wing always makes my eyes appear large and dramatic. I use eyeliner every time I go out so creating a sharp, symmetrical wing has become second nature to me. 

Over the years many followers, friends and family members have asked me how to achieve a gorgeous cat eye and the advice I usually give is – practice makes perfect. You’ve heard the saying “never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she’s late.” Sometimes it just takes patience. 

That being said, the Celpatra Cat Eye Stamp ($24.99) from Lyda Beauty makes life a lot easier, especially when you’re short on time and rushing to get ready. At one end there is a triangular stamp which creates the wing of your dreams and at the other end there is a thin felt liner.
First let’s talk about the formula. The eyeliners are: 

The pigment is safe to use around the eyes and lasts all day without smudging or running. They are also full-coverage and highly saturated so you can wear them all summer (even in humidity).

My go-to shade is Black but the brand has recently released 2 new shades – Green and Brown. There are also 2 stamp sizes available - Bold and Sleek.
*Bold is great for a thick, dramatic, Egyptian-style wing (my personal fave). Although anyone can use it with ease, it seems better suited for people with medium to large eyelids since the triangular stamp is quite large. 

*Sleek is the smaller wing stamp. It is great for everyday wear and works for all eye shapes and sizes. No matter what stamp you choose, you can always tweak and touch-up the liner. 

 How to Use: 

~ Step One: Apply stamp on outer corner of eyelid with the sharpest point facing out.
This step might take a bit of practice at first so I recommend testing the process on blank lids or neutral shadow so you can see what you’re doing. 

Determining the perfect angle for the stamp is the trickiest part but stamping diagonally, with the pointy tip positioned towards the outer corner of your eyebrow usually looks best. Avoid pointing the stamp sharply upwards. 

~ Step Two: Use the eyeliner end to draw a line (as thick or as thin as you like) and connect to the stamp.
If you have trouble using thin felt tip liners or liquid liners in general, practice by drawing the line with a sharpened black eyeliner pencil first (they tend to be easy to manoeuvre) and then use the liquid liner on top of the pencil outline – tracing and fixing as you go. This method usually ensures a straight, neat line for beginners and once you get the hang of it you can skip this. 

When it comes to liquid eyeliner I usually prefer a thin brush applicator with a dipping pot. They don’t dry out as quickly and I can adjust the amount of pigment on the brush. This applicator is quite good. It delivers a precise vivid line but I wish the felt point was more flexible around the eye contour. The stiffness creates a bit of drag but the end result is gorgeous! 

~ Step Three: Fill or shape as desired.
This a great tool to have in your makeup bag, especially now that we have to wear masks and our eyes are the only thing visible and expressive. 

The Celopatra Cat Eye Stamps are available at lydabeauty.com

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