Friday, June 21, 2013

Color essence Stay With Me Lipgloss & Lipstick Review

essence is known for their affordable cosmetics and decent products. I don't have many products from this line but I do really like the mini quick dry nail polishes and their pencil eye liner. They also have some beautiful eye shadows, although we don't get many products here in Toronto; our selection is limited to a small display usually tucked away in a corner of Shoppers Drug Mart. 

esssence stay with me long lasting lipgloss
These lip glosses are great for when you want something lighter on your lips. They aren't very pigmented when you apply them, the deepest and most pigmented color of the three is the color Pretty Witty which is a beautiful  pink-mauve color; while the others give a light wash of color that is a bit more transparent.

They say long lasting on the tubes but I haven't noticed that they last any longer than an average drug store lip gloss.

The glosses are about $1.49 each and they are a tad sticky on the lips. I find myself grabbing for these when I can't decide on a color or when I don't want to wear a heavy lipstick shade. I also wear these to the gym to keep my lips looking good and prevent them from getting dry.

Below are the colors I purchased

essence xxxl shine lipgloss
This lipgloss is rather thick and a bit sticky. It is also very shiny on the lips and I prefer the stay with me long lasting glosses. I didn't care very much for how this gloss appeared on my lips.

essence lipsticks 
The essence lipsticks also cost about $1.49 each and I only have two colors because the color selection was a bit sparse and I didn't see any other shades that I liked. These two lipsticks give a really nice color pay off, they are non-drying and they have average lasting power. I Like that the formula is creamy and that they apply glossy. 

Leave a comment and let me know what essence products you have tried and which are your favorite?


  1. Hey there. Just stopping by to say thanks for always commenting. I'm glad someone else agrees. I dont believe in sugar coating anything. You might as well lie to my face rather than try to tell me something and let me down gently. If my feelings get hurt oh well I'll get over it which is why I say be blunt, open, honest and straight forward.

    1. NO problem, I like the topics you bring up, they are interesting and it is nice to talk about something other than makeup once in a while :)

  2. i'm starting to wear lipsticks/glosses more. I like the candy bar color of the gloss. thanks for sharing!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  3. I have tons of essence products. I don't mind that they aren't as high quality as my $10.99 lipstick. They're still pretty good and uber cheap!

  4. I love the colours you picked out! Great pigmentation too!
    I'm a new follower, I'm following you on GFC and bloglovin, hope you can follow back too^^

    Belle Epoque

  5. Really nice haul!! I must say that for some reason I adore the SWM lipgloss, I like the consistency a lot. So far I have two shades 01 and 02, but want to get Candy bar and Deep rose as well. And about the lipsticks, oh I love the 49 Like a lady shade <3 Sadly we don't have this one :(


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