Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My favorite summer sunglasses

I love wearing sunglasses in the summer and throughout the year on sunny days. They not only provide much needed protection for your eyes but they can also put the final touch on a cute outfit.

The importance of protecting your eyes
Like wearing sunscreen to protect your skin, protecting your eyes is equally important. The cumulative exposure to UV radiation from the sun can increase your risk of developing cataracts later in life as well as sunburn on the surface of the eyes and macular degeneration. The skin around your eyes such as your eyelids are highly prone to skin cancer.

Always make sure that the sunglasses you buy have UV protection. Usually you can find this information on the sticker placed on the lens or on the packaging. If not ask a sales clerk and don't bother buying it if they don't offer any protection. I have purchased sunglasses from clothing stores at the mall for as little as $12 that still had 100% UV protection.

Here are some of my favorites sunglasses this summer from more affordable brands to designer. 

This first pair is light pink with gold detailing on the side. I like the round/oval shape and the color of the lens. I bought these at the clothing store Dynamite which usually has very cute sunglasses at affordable prices.

These Ralph Lauren sunglasses are a very flattering square shape, trendy and quite large without engulfing your face.

My next favorite pair are these Prada aviator style sunglasses, the shape is slightly less defined than traditional aviators but I like the color and the sleek design.

These cute Versace sunglasses are large & round in shape. Perfect when paired with a cute summer up-do.

These Guess sunglasses are the ones I wear most often. They are not very big yet not too small, they fit my face perfectly and the shape is also very flattering.

I am still on the hunt for a pair of white framed sunglasses and also some brown framed glasses. 

Protecting your Sunglasses
One thing I think is important for women who own sunglasses is proper purse storage. Under all the other things women carry in their purse it can be quite easy for a pair of sunglasses to get broken, sometimes beyond repair.
I would recommend getting a hard cover case, one that is durable and will protect your sunglasses from getting buried and broken in your bag.

I use this one that I got with my Ralph Lauren sunglasses. It is a bit bulky but gets the job done.

You should also be careful of what you use to wipe and clean your glasses, not all material is safe and can scratch the lens.


  1. I love the Ralph Lauren ones! I have the hardest time trying to find sunglasses to fit properly on my head. My body is lopsided where the left party of my body is higher than my right side. So sunglasses feel weird on me, but I still wear them when outside in the sun.

    1. It is important to still wear them, the main thing is your eyes are protected.

  2. Hey girl! I found your blog from the Summer blog hop and let me just say I love your style! Makeup is fierce and I just love these sunglasses. I'll be sure to follow you on social network and bloglovin' :) I hope you have a great week!

    <3 Brittnei

    1. Hi Brittnei, Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I checked out your blog and read through your liebster award post, I don't eat pork or red meat either! I also don't eat seafood. Thanks for following :)

  3. I find it sooo stressful finding the perfect pair for summer. they are almost as stressful as finding the right swim wear. Great selection here.


  4. Great collection! I've had my Ray-ban aviators with prescripted lens for yeears now!

    1. I would love to get some aviators. Sometimes when you find a good pair you can wear it forever :)

  5. Wow! These sunglasses are hot! Thanks for becoming a Follower of my Blog. I am happy to follow back. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  6. You have a very great sunglasses collection, Erica! It's difficult to name the best ones, I like them all ;)

    Makeup Demon blog
    Makeup Demon Bloglovin

  7. Lovely sunglasses collection :) Mine isn't that fancy... LOL. Now following on GFC & Bloglovin. Thanks for following me.
    <3 Pauline, Addicted to Makeup

  8. I love all these, and I agree, my stash isn't this fancy lol. Found you thru the Aloha blog hop and am now following you via GFC :)

    Look forward to reading your future posts!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jessica :) I checked out your blog too, your kids are adorable. Following you on GFC :)

  9. Aww I love those Prada aviators, stunning!

    xoxo Pakize


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