Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekend Haul

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Here in Toronto it was sunny and very warm, maybe a bit too humid for me since I could barely stand to be outside for more than ten mins.

I spent the first half of the weekend with my mom and sister, which was fun but we do encourage each other to shop and buy things that we don't really need. 

On Saturday my sister and I went to a nice Arabic restaurant called Paramount where we sat on the outdoor patio having delicious chicken shawarma with freshly baked pita bread, salad, fries and creamy garlic sauce. It was sooo good!
 The pitas were all puffed up and hot right out of the oven! They are the BEST pitas I have ever had.
For dessert we went to a Chinese mall where we had mango bubble tea with mango jelly instead of tapioca (because I don't like tapioca).

We also took a nice little (unplanned) shopping trip and here is what I got:
 Essie Naughty Nautical

Rimmel by Kate in the shade 01 Red

Ruby Kisses polishes: (left to right) Pinked Out, Neon Green, Hot Pink Obsession

Ruby Kisses lipsticks in the shades: Vamp Red & Velvet Red (Not sure why the pink is called red)

Sinful Colors Forget Now
This polish has a beautiful subtle shimmer which was what drew my attention.
Ivory Original Scented body wash
For some reason I just love the fresh clean scent of this body wash

Dole Miked Berry and Almond Bites
These delicious bites are healthy, soft and chewy. Perfect snack when you are on the go.

On Sunday I went to the farmers market where local farmers bring their fresh produce. A lot of the time we buy fresh apples for pies, veggies and fruits. This time all I was interested in was Jamie's cracked kettle corn. I love popcorn but this has to be the BEST popcorn I have ever had. 

The best thing about it is that it is, dairy free, gluten free and made with organic cane sugar. It has no artificial flavors, cholesterol or trans fat. I LOVE  this popcorn and my family has become addicted! It is slightly sweet and a tad salty.

On Sunday night I went to the movies with my husband to see The Heat featuring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock It was hilarious! You can check out the trailer below.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Looks like you had a very delicious weekend :) if talking about food.
    Haul looks great, especially these bright nail polishes!

    Makeup Demon blog
    Makeup Demon Bloglovin

    1. Thanks hun :) I cant wait to try out the neon green, I just couldn't resist

  2. i picked up that essie color a while ago and have yet to try it! thanks for reminding me! haha. Maybe my next pedi?

  3. It looks like you had a fun weekend of shopping, relaxation, and good food. :) I was just admiring the Naughty Nautical color in a magazine a few hours ago! Great choice!
    My weekends haven't been so great. For the past 6 in a row I've been scheduled to work every Fri/Sat/Sun. I requested to not work this coming Saturday, though so at least I know that there is hope in sight!

  4. Awww...the lippies are all so pretty. I wanna try out the Rimmel by kate. Love the color for it looks sexy on lips.

  5. Yay for food! I also did that last weekend! Foodtrip! It's always a cheat day for me hah! :D Cute lippies and nail polish as well! :)

  6. hi,love your blog, i followed your blog, could u follow me back? thanks

  7. Those pitas look incredible! You're making me hungry!!

  8. Hey Erica, I'm a new follower on GFC from the GFC linky. Love the color of the lipstick. Haven't tasted those mixed berry Dole bites but they sure look good!

    I'd love it if you can follow me back :)


    1. Hi, I have actually been following you for a while already! But thanks for following me back

  9. Aghhh I really need to get naughty nautical!
    P.S. New follower here!


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