Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Maxi Dresses

I love a good maxi dress in the summer. Most of them are comfortable to wear, trendy and it takes minimal planning.
All these dresses were under $30!

This first Maxi dress is from Forever 21. You can find a lot of great deals at Forever 21 and they usually have a pretty good selection of dresses.

This Maxi is a bit form fitting but very comfy. It is from Winners which also has a good selection of maxi dresses.

This simple striped maxi is perfect for a summer day and very comfortable. It is from Winners

This dress has cotton/polyester material at the bottom but faux leather on top for when you don't want a full leather dress. It looks cute and sexy! Perfect for the evening. It also has a mid-thigh slit on one side which is not visible in the photo. This dress is from Venus, an online store.

This maxi is a great mix of tribal print and color (from Winners)

This dress is a high low long dress, not quite a maxi. It is from Forever 21

This strapless maxi looks beautiful on. It sinches below the chest and flows at the bottom. This dress is from Burlington Coat Factory


  1. i like to wear maxi dresses because they are easy...and stylish :) i would like to find a plain black racerback one.

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  2. these are all so pretty! my faves are the tiedyed one and the tribal one.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  3. I like the black and gray striped one! I've never worn a maxi dress ever, because I'm so short, but I think they're super cute!

  4. cute dresses. I love the 1st one. and the 2nd two. :D

  5. love the red dress as well as the black. totally cute and inexpensive finds....gotta love a good bargain!

  6. I love dresses, short or maxis especially when its super hot and hubby is happy I'm out the door in like 5 minutes hehehe!

  7. The first one is so lovely! I don't wear maxis, Oh boy I'd look fat!

    Areeba @ Aree With Umbrella

  8. I love the two dresses from Winner's; I'm guessing that is a Canadian chain? I bought a "dress" from a Venus catalog once, and it is laughable. It was SO SHORT that I kept it and wear it as a shirt, and it doesn't even look like a very long shirt!

  9. I LOVE these dresses! I have a few pounds to lose before I can pull off the maxi dresses! I get so sad seeing everyone wearing them...I am only 5 foot tall so I tend to look short :( Even with wedges!! I am in LOVE with them though! I hope you will share at this week's friday Follow Along! http://www.ffflinkypals.blogspot.com/2013/07/friday-follow-along-link-up-and-party.html


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