Saturday, November 2, 2013

Coastal Scents 120 Palette Review

I love Coastal Scents eye shadow palettes, the quality is usually great and the shadows are always beautiful. Coastal Scents often has great sales on their website and you can get the inside scoop by signing up for the newsletter like I do. This Halloween they had an amazing kit on sale that I could not resist.

If you read my blog frequently then you may notice that for many of my makeup looks I use a combination of palettes and the Coastal Scents 88 palette is frequently mentioned. In fact I have had the 88 shimmer palette for quite some time and it is still going strong. 

This palette comes with 2 separate trays of shadows, one on top of the other in one black case. There are no sponge applicators which I personally don't use anyway. This palette does not have a mirror like some of the other palettes on the site. Each tray has a pink ribbon on the end which makes it easy to pop the color trays out of the case, just make sure not to remove the ribbons when you first open the packaging. 

The 120 palette (Palette 2 on the website) is gorgeous! There are other palettes on the site with different color combinations but I chose this one because of the beautiful range of blues, purples, pinks, bright orange and greens. The actual circles of color are larger than that of the 88 palettes.

 It also has a selection of grey and black for creating sultry smokey looks and a nice row of browns and sandy colors for crease blending and neutral looks. I also like that there are some gold shades and a line of soft pastel hues. The range of colors in this palette is just exquisite. 

This palette contains both matte and shimmer finishes which is a good combination for creating versatile looks. They apply smooth and I don't have any issues with creasing. All the colors have a matte finish. These shadows can also be used wet for a more dramatic look.

Pigmentation & Quality
The shadows are very pigmented although I found that some shades were more pigmented then others. They are very good quality, easy to apply and you can build up the colors nicely with a flat eye shadow brush by patting on the color. The shadows are a great texture, soft but non chalky and you can create many different looks. I would suggest using a good primer to optimize the color pay-off. The quality and the finishes of these shadows actually seems similar to the high quality Inglot shadows I have.

There are way too many colors in this palette for me to swatch them all but here are a few swatches below

Be very careful not to drop these palettes because the color slots are not magnetized to the pan so if they pop out they will keep popping out unless you glue them in again. I learned this the hard way when I dropped my 88 shimmer palette and all the colors were re-arranged which messed up the color gradient. 

Cost & Shipping
The 120 palette (2) is on sale individually right now for $15.95! (Originally priced at $18.95). I don’t know how long the sale will run for so if you are interested you can find the information by clicking- HERE Shipping was quite fast, The Coastal Scents facility is located in Miami and I received my order here in Toronto in one week. Shipping to Canada actually cost more than the palette did at about $22, so if you are planning to order the best thing to do is get everything you want from the website in a single order.

I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone in the market for high quality shadows at an affordable price. This palette is great for those who want to experiment with color and who want to create a variety of looks for every occasion. I would also recommend this palette to makeup artists and all makeup enthusiasts. 

I will have some new makeup looks coming up soon using this palette and more reviews on Coastal Scents so stay tuned...


  1. I don't think I'm good enough at eye makeup to pull off any bright or dramatic looks but these are GORGEOUS and I love how other people are able to use them to come out with gorgeous results! Definitely inspires me to (attempt) to be a bit more creative :)


  2. These eyeshadow palettes are so great! Have many colors for different looks :)

  3. These look like such a good deal! Looking forward to seeing your creations!

  4. wow! all the colors!! i still haven't master the skill of putting a right combination of eye shadow
    color contrasting is very bold though

    do feel free to join my OASAP clothes giveaway

  5. Great review! I also live in Canada though and found that BH cosmetics has many of the same products, also very good quality but the shipping is around 10$. Just throwing that out there. It is the only reason I decided on BH over Coastal Scents.

    1. God point, I have been looking at BH and they do have similar things, I would love to get a blush palette as I want to branch our from pink hues and try some coral based colors.

  6. Oh wow I would love to get my hands on this, imagine all the different looks that could be created!! x

    Rachael | ♥

  7. Great Palette! The colors are so pigmented :D

  8. The colors are amazing and seem to have good pigmentation. I don't own any of these palettes but your post makes me want one. Thanks for sharing (◕‿◕✿)

  9. This look like a beauty consultant's playground! So many colors! You can so much with that! Girl! I wouldn't know where to begin! I definitely visit your site for inspiration because I am no expert to say the least :)

  10. wow they look so pigmented! it's hard to get coastal scents here in the UK without a load of shipping, so I bought an ebay palette which I thought would be similar. Judging by this theyre not similar at all, this is wayyy more pigmented. Cant wait to see the looks you come up with using it :) xx

  11. Thanks for the review! Been debating if I should get this palette for a while now.

    Glad to discover Toronto bloggers! :)

  12. I still have a palette from them that I bought years ago! I use it all of the time!

  13. I had a CS palette, the 88 one, and it was pretty awesome, really pigmented eye shadows, I really like it :D

  14. This looks magical! I would love this many colours. I can't wait to see how you will be using it! :)

    Emily / Glittery Teacups

  15. Great review! Thanks for taking the time to get to share it with us!
    By you, I know what to buy for subsequent purchases!

    Katherine Unique

  16. This palette looks soo pretty! I have the Bh 120 palettes and the colors are similar... This palette seems to have more shimmers than the bh 120 palettes.. Great post. Love the swatches. :)

  17. OMG what a stunning palette! Wohoo! Love the pictures and you are soo hot babe! XOXO, Sissi

  18. I like the range of colors, but I'm more a matte or duochrome type of girl. I might check this out though, since I do have some samples of CS eyeshadows that were pretty good.

  19. The colours of the palette look gorgeous Erica. Coastal Scents is making it to my shopping list also. I use palettes too, just never tried one from CS, but they seem to be very good for the price. xoxo

  20. I've been wanting to try this company for a while. I love your blog, and thanks for always commenting on mine!

  21. I have heard of Coastal Scents palettes before, but I never knew how affordable they were until you posted the price!

  22. I HAVE to try coastal now!

  23. Omg, it look amazing, all those colors... I want them in my life!! I know they have great products, even I haven't tried them yet... I shall definetly do it :)

  24. I can't wait to try these! I am building my collection and i think this will be a useful addition to my collection


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