Thursday, November 21, 2013

NYX Blush Review

Today I have a short review for you on a blush I purchased at IMATS. This is the first blush I have tried from NYX although I really like their lip products.

The color I purchased is called Pinched PB25 

On my skin this blush looks quite pink but it does have a coral and slight orange undertone. It also contains some sparkle but not very much, when applied the sparkle tends to distribute quite evenly for a subtle effect and it doesn't look too shiny or too much like a highlight. In the photos the sparkle is not evident but as the light catches the skin at different angles you are able to pick up hints of it.

When you wear smaller amounts of this blush it shows up light pink and looks very soft and pretty and when you apply it heavier the color looks different, you get a darker more coral based color. You do have to set this blush because the more you wear the more it tends to transfer, I prefer to apply it on top of my liquid foundation and then set my entire face.

The texture of this blush is rather smooth, the color picks up and applies to the skin quite easily. I think the hue is suitable for a large variety of skin tones. This is a great everyday color. I purchased this blush for $8

Have you tried the blushes from NYX? Which is your favorite?


  1. Such a gorgeous shade!! I actually haven't tried any of their powder blushes, definitely will now!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Such a pretty color! I just picked up my first two Nyx blushes and am SO obsessed with them! They are such great quality for the price. I can not wait to try more. You have a very cute blog dear! Now following ♥

  3. that is such a lovely blush colour! :)

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  4. Looks very nice and warm! I like it! XOXO, Sissi

  5. Nice colour! I don't think I have a shade like this at the moment.

  6. This is really pretty! I need to try more nyx blushes! My favorite Nyx blush so far is in the shade cinnamon.

  7. Yes, I had a blush from Nyx and I absolutely loved it, unfortunately I dropped it and it broke :( I can't remember what color it was, I think it was a soft pink, it was really pretty :D Wow Pinched is super pigmented, looks great! :)

  8. NYX has probably the best drugstore blushes. This is a really pretty color.
    BTW, you take such great pictures of the products you review.

  9. I have a NYX blush, but it doesn't look good on me. I might have to try this shade!


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