Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Coastal Scents Metal Mania Eye Shadow Palette Review

I love wearing shimmery metallic shades like bronze, gold and silver so I was very excited to begin experimenting with the Metal Mania palette from Coastal Scents. With this palette you get 88 beautiful shimmery shadows, 2 sponge applicators and the case contains a large mirror.

These shadows range from neutrals and earth tones with some purple, green and pink hues thrown in for good measure. All the shadows in this palette have a shimmery metallic finish, so if you want some matte shades then you won’t find them here. I think the colors are well suited for most skin tones. There aren't many bright colors in here such as bright greens, yellows or blues, this palette although shimmer based is still rather subtle and the colors are toned down. Although some of the colors are quite similar you get a very nice range and many options. 

You can build up these colors for bold ultra shimmery looks or you can apply less if you would like a subdued soft look. When I want a lot of color on my lids I use a flat shadow brush and pat on the color in layers over a good primer. You can also use these shadows wet. The shadows are highly pigmented and the colors show up very nicely on the skin. My favorites are the bronze shades, and the bronze shades with pink undertones, they are gorgeous for fall. Some of the colors look very pretty when the light catches the glitter creating a very interesting effect.

Since the palette contains 88 shades I cannot swatch them all but here are a few swatches below

Quality & Application
These shadows are very good quality and they are very easy to work with because the color goes on effortlessly and you don't have to work hard to build them up. If you like shimmery shades then this palette is for you.


This eye shadow palette is $19.95 click HERE for more details

To see my review on the Coastal Scents 120 palette click HERE


  1. Love the colors! I might have to but the palette!

  2. Lots of great colors, and at a really good price!

  3. Super pretty! I love the metallic shimmer on these. The 88 palettes give me too many choices, so I won't be picking it is (because I won't use it), but this is super cute :)

  4. That looks awesome! I love metallics.

  5. Coastal Scents has such good quality shadows. I got one small palette and I'm so impressed. Just wish it's more readily available here in Canada.

  6. That's a really nice color selection. I like how pigmented it is.

  7. Actually, I haven't tried Coastal Scents. I always thought they might not be worth it, but looking at the pigmentation has changed my mind!! Definitely worth trying!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Man I feel like I really need one of these now!!

  9. I'm putting this on my Christmas wish list! The price is right for 88 different shades.

  10. The colors you swatched are beautifuuuuul <3 I think I had this palette on my wishlist, I love metallic eye shadows and I know CS has pretty amazing palettes and their quality is awesome :D

  11. They look really pretty! You make me so excited because I ordered some palettes too xD

    <3 Celly
    ❤ TheSnowFlowerrr ❤ Beauty and Makeup Blog ❤

  12. Beautiful colors *o*

    I hope that you visit my blog too and maybe follow: :)
    Have a nice day!


  13. hey dear... nice post... am following you.. please follow back

  14. Erica you always pull the greatest makeup to review and share with us! Thank you for this review on this beautiful palette! I really like how pigmented they are and how it's effortless to work with! May I ask you because I'm looking at your looks buttons right next to the comment box I'm typing in and I'm just so intrigued by your work, how long have you been into beauty and doing makeup??? You're makeup looks are insanely beautiful and bold! I wish I can do what you do and pull of these beautiful looks!

    1. Hi Liz, thank you so much, I love your reviews as well by the way! I have been into beauty since Junior High and I started learning about makeup and technique in high school! (I'm in my late 20's now). I began by buying makeup and experimenting, using tutorials, videos and any other resources I could find to learn about different products and techniques and I just kept practicing and getting better over the years. I never stop learning things, even at IMATS I made a point of attending the makeup seminars by Emmy award winning makeup artists just to see if there was anything new I could pick up. Makeup school is great but not everyone who graduates does makeup well, I think it takes years of practice and experimenting. Start out small and just play around with colors. If you want to learn how to do something, look up tutorials and practice the technique. Many woman stop me in public and ask about products and how I achieved something and I like discussing beauty & helping, hence the blog :) Thank you again, I'm so glad you like it. I am planning some new makeup looks soon using some of the new palettes I recently purchased.

  15. Very nice palette! And the price is very good.

  16. Great post and great review! Lovely blog BTW. Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Just let me know so I can follow back. Thank you.

  17. Beautiful stunning colors! I like how pigmented they are and so nice and shimmery! Lovely! XOXO, Sissi

  18. I love when eye shadow palettes have a mirror in them, it is so practical! This is probably the first eye shadow palette that has all shimmery colours.. I prefer buying shimmery colours and just have one or two matte colours to use as a base.x Those colours look gorgeous and the pigmentation looks great.x Such a bargain for the price, thanks for sharing! Really nice review!x

  19. This is so informative, thank you!


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