Saturday, January 4, 2014

Red Apple Lipstick Review

Today I am going to review some of my new favorite lipsticks from Red Apple. If you haven’t yet seen these lipsticks circling the web, Red Apple is a company that specializes in chemical free, safe lip products as well as lip gloss, lip pencils, balms, eye shadow, exfoliates and more!

What makes Red Apple so different is that the company strives to offer everything you could ever want in a lipstick. Their lipsticks are “ safe, smooth, moisturizing, buildable and blendable” instead of thick and waxy. I love lipsticks that have great all in one formulas so that I can achieve amazing color while still having soft supple lips even during the winter.

Another very unique thing about these lipsticks is that the company makes them in small batches instead of mass production so that when they are delivered to you they are fresh and new! You can also blend different shades together to create your own unique custom shades!

Benefits of Red Apple Lipstick:
*All natural
*Gluten free
*Cruelty free
*Allergen free
*Paraben free
*Petroleum free
*Contains vitamin E
*Improves the health of your lips
 * Free of harmful ingredients 
* Free of synthetic fragrance
*Lead free

The packaging of these lip products is simple yet chic. I like the design and the names of each lipstick is located at the bottom of the tube.

The lipsticks come in a wide variety of beautiful shades from lighter hues to dark rich colors. They also have different finishes, some shades contain shimmer while others do not. The photos of the lipsticks on the website are a pretty good representation of the actual colors and I like that applying a color sheer or heavy can result in a different finish and look.
Satisfaction Guarantee:
Red Apple has so much confidence in their lipsticks that they let you try them out for 6 months after your purchase and if you are not satisfied for any reason they will issue an exchange or refund; although I doubt you will want to return these gorgeous lipsticks, in fact you may become a little addicted to them like I am!

Shipping was fast even during the holiday season and the lipsticks came in a cute drawstring eco friendly bag.

The first lipstick I am going to review is called Hibiskiss which is a best seller on the website. It says that the color is a “vibrant true raspberry” and it is a very beautiful pink berry tone. It retails for $23.50

Hibiskiss is a great shade for all skin tones and it is suitable for every season. I love the formula! It glides over the lips very smoothly and it is rich, highly pigmented, creamy and velvety. I also like that this color is glitter free and it isn't glossy looking. The formula is very comfortable to wear because it is non-drying and quite moisturizing. I like that after application is stays in place and it contains 100% cold pressed sunflower, shea butter and vitamin E.

This next lipstick is called Coral Crush. Coral has been a very trendy color for the last few summers and I like wearing this shade all year long. (Retail price $23.50)

This shade is a true coral, encompassing a beautiful combination of pink and orange, it is also the most requested color the company has created and now I know why. I love how this color looks on my skin tone and I like that the formula is also soft, smooth and shimmer free with a bit of a sheen finish. This coral can work well for many people because the orange is not very harsh or bright and it contains a slight coppery layer that makes it easy to pull off. 

The last lipstick I am going to review is my favorite color called Rebel. I am drawn to rich bold shades so for me this was an obvious choice.

This red is blue based which can help make your smile appear whiter. I like that this red is warm and not too harsh. It is also shimmer and shine free and quite long lasting. 

This lipstick contains shea butter, jojoba seed oil and avocado oil which is probably why it is provides a wonderful amount of hydration. All of these lipsticks are great for winter because they help keep dry chapped lips in check while still providing a great color payoff. 

Here are photos of the swatches

I love these lipsticks! I can see why the company is so confident in their products because these formulas are amazing! They glide over the lips in a buttery soft way and the colors are highly pigmented, easy to apply and gorgeous. If you suffer from dry lips or have adverse reactions to many of the cosmetic lines out there then these products may be great for you.

In the past I have purchased lipsticks from well known brands for around the same price range and I have to say that these lipsticks are better than many of those. After trying them I want to place an order for more! The website also offers package deals so you can get a group of lipsticks at a reduced price.

You can find more information on the website at: Red Apple Lipstick
You can also find Red Apple on:

**Disclaimer: These products were provided to me for a sponsored review courtesy of Red Apple Lipstick. All opinions stated in this review are my own and based on my experience with the products. Results may vary based on individual use.**


  1. These look amazing- and I love their return policy, and their business practices. Who could ask for more?!

  2. Love the rebel shade actually all of them but rebel my favourite. Great review

  3. I've been wanting to try these for a while, glad to know you like them!

  4. I love that hibiscus is described as a " vibrant true raspberry"- that description makes me crave raspberries! These look so beautiful though. I really like the packaging!

  5. Wow! You can return the lipsticks after 6 months if you don't like them?! That's amazing! But I agree with you - the colours look so gorgeous. Especially hibiskiss? The name itself is just fab HAHAHA.

  6. I have never heard of this company before, but the lipsticks sound lovely!

  7. lovely shades. Though ive never heard of this store, but i think its worth a try :)

  8. These look amazing! I really like Coral Crush! :-)


  9. I've never heard of this brand but I think I'll be taking a look :) great post
    Bea x

  10. I have never heard of this brand before :) Beautiful, beautiful colors and they look very pigmented.

  11. Great review! :)
    Really like your blog, especially the Travel tab!
    Keep posting!~

  12. I've never heard of them before, I like Rebel. Following you:)

  13. Interesting review.
    Shades and pigmentation look very good :) I would like to try them!

  14. Hibiskiss looks gorgeous on you!! I am digging coral crush!!

  15. I love how they're super opaque and organic! Definitely a win, win :)
    Sierra Calah ♡ Berry Stylish  


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