Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter Gift Ideas

You know when people say "they never win anything," well my winning streak was well below theirs. I was never whacked with the lucky stick and even with so many wonderful giveaways out there I wasn't entering very many. Then one day Desi from Dollface Disaster Beauty contacted me to inform me that I had won her Christmas giveaway! At first I thought she was looking for another Erica but lo and behold I actually won something!

I thought I would show you what I won since they are great gift ideas for the frigid winter months and for birthdays, gift baskets, a girls night in, Valentine's Day and other events.

She sent me this delicious yet functional set of Starbucks hot cocoa with a cute travel mug. This double hot chocolate is rich and velvety with bits of dark chocolate blended right in! I don't know about you but I am going to get my chocolate on tonight! This is great for those winter nights at home curled up in front of the TV.

Also in the package was a MAC Fix+ spray which can be used to refresh the skin before makeup application and to set makeup.

Other items won:
*Philosophy Cinnamon buns shampoo, shower gel & body wash
*Que Bella cooling glacial gel mask

Thanks to Desi for all these wonderful goodies!

And now for another cute gift idea...

Recently my friend gave me a belated birthday present that I thought would be a great gift idea to warm someone up on a cold night, as a chocolatey Valentine's Day gift, a care package, and more. There were a few other things in the bag as well including a MAC gift card (which I can't wait to use) and some raspberry truffles but we had a lot of fun using the hot chocolate kit on a snowy girls night in! 

The kit says that this is "seriously good hot chocolate for grown ups" because it has a little liquor in the mix. The chocolate is "A blend of the finest imported semi-sweet chocolate chunks, pure vanilla and premium ingredients." There is enough in the pouch for 8 servings!

The girls and I decided that if we were going to make hot chocolate for "grown ups" we were going to go all out! We added a shot of baileys and some mini marshmallows, it was delicious!

It has been a winter of ice and snow storms so I hope everyone is keeping warm.


  1. Yay!!! I'm glad that you finally won something. :) I have won three giveaways so, but two were for ad space on one blog and one was a $50 store credit.
    I love anything with Bailey's in it--that hot chocolate is looking pretty good right now.

  2. what a great win! the starbucks mug alone would be worth it for me, lol! congrats on your win!!

  3. Congrats on your win! I too never win anything. :-( The hot chocolate kit sound good.


  4. yaaay, congrats hun ^_~ you are so lucky :)

  5. Ooh congratulations on winning something! Everything you got sounds super nice - especially the Starbucks tumbler and the Philosophy shampoo! I've always wanted to try something from Philosophy but I haven't managed to find anything in New Zealand. x Also, your grown ups hot chocolate looks so good! x Too bad I can't drink yet huehuehue.

  6. Congrats on winning!! Love the Starbucks tumbler!

  7. Congrats, congrats, those are awesome gifts :D now I am craving some hot chocolate, luckily I have some :))

  8. Congrats! I love Starbucks but I've never had hot chocolate from them lol. Enjoy your gifts!


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