Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How to Save Money on Makeup

Recently an article was published on the Home Shopping Network about how to save money by saving your makeup. Since we ladies invest a lot of money in beauty products I thought I would share this article so that you may preserve your cosmetics and your money!

You can find the article by clicking HERE or on the image itself

When I head into Sephora or pass a cosmetics counter my eyes light up and before I know it I am elbow deep in lipsticks when I really went to the store for soap!

Other ways to save money on makeup

*One way I save money is by only buying certain items when they run out. You don't need to stockpile makeup as everything has an expiry date!

*I take advantage of rewards programs by collecting points that will get me beauty items I use frequently or by taking part in MAC's recycle program where 6 empties will get you a free shadow, gloss or lipstick! Here in Canada the Bay offers surveys you can participate in to gain HBC points which you can then use on department store beauty brands. Many stores offer loyalty programs so signing up may save you money.

*I not only like to write reviews on makeup brands but I read them as well. Reviews can help give you an impression of how a product works and if it is worth buying.

*I shop at stores that have good return or exchange policies. No one wants to be stuck with an expensive product that doesn't work and goes to waste!

*Take advantage of a good sale!

*Every so often sort through and clean out your makeup collection to put into perspective how much you have and what you really need and use. Keep everything organized so that you can see what colors and items you already own.

If you have any tips leave them in the comment section below!


  1. Great list! I think I will sign up for HBC rewards now!


  2. it's very important to determine our minds first-not to buy anymore☺ haha!!

  3. Great tips! Thanks for sharing the article too.

  4. Great tips hun, although I am a pretty smart shopper and not a hoarder by any means! I like to buy sets with lots of things in it with a good value! hehe! Kisses, Sissi

  5. Wonderful tips and I whole-heartedly agree! Not that many people mention the exchange policy tip! So important for me. :-)


  6. Love these tips! I usually only buy what I need anyway but on the odd occasion I can go a bit mad lol!



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