Thursday, February 27, 2014

Laqa and Co Cosmetics

Laqa & Co is a beauty company that sells nail polish and cute jumbo lip pencils. I have seen their products popping up in various beauty boxes and I have wanted to review their line for some time.

The company also supports and works with artists from all over the world to create aesthetically creative packaging in fun designs. 

Today I am going to review a few popular items in some pretty shades.

Laqa & Co Fat Lip Pencil in Lambchop
I received this large lip pencil in a vibrant bubble gum pink called Lambchop. What I like about this pencil is that it does not need to be sharpened, it twists up for easy application and there is a lot of product per tube.

With lip pencils I am usually a bit weary of how vibrant the color will actually show up but this pencil has good pigmentation. It provides the saturation of a lipstick with adequate hydration and the color is quite buildable.

The texture is slightly creamy although I did find that the pencil works best on smooth lips. On chapped lips it tends to settle into the cracks and accentuate them. It also has a slightly minty scent which doesn't last or tingle.
The shape of the pencil makes touch-ups convenient while on the go. 

I love how bright this color looks! I can see myself wearing it often in spring and summer

The lip pencils are sold separately and in packs. They also come in an array of beautiful colors and retail for $18 each. You can find more information HERE

Laqa & Co Nail Polish Pen in the color Plonk
I love nail polish but I will admit to being a bit lazy when it comes to refreshing my manicure and practicing with nail art tools. This pen is great for people like me because I can take it with me on the go and paint my nails anywhere. It is easy to toss in a bag without worrying about spills and comes in appealing packaging. 

How it works
When I first saw the long pointed brush I was a bit concerned with how easy it would be to use but I was pleasantly surprised. All you do is push down on the top of the pen and nail polish dispenses onto the brush. The size of the brush makes it easy to apply the polish but you do have to be careful because there isn't much control over how much comes out. One click may be enough to paint more than one nail.

The brush is rather pliable and gets close to the the cuticle and corners which makes it easier to be neat. I found that using light pressure is best as the bristles can splay apart at the end. The brush can become a bit misshapen so I recommend smoothing the bristles back into their original shape after each use to prevent a frayed appearance.  

The polish has a high gloss finish which I like and dries quite fast. After painting my nails there was polish left over on the brush so wiping off the excess may be necessary before replacing the cap. Overall application is quite tidy if you are careful, however I still prefer the traditional nail polish bottles to the pen. I also noticed that since the brush is not stored inside the nail polish itself the bristles become stiff when dry.

In this photo I am wearing both Plonk (a dark plum) and Chubs which is reviewed below. 

The nail polish pens retail for $14 each, you can find more information HERE

Laqa & Co Nail Polish in the color Chubs
This nail polish is a gorgeous sparkly silver-gold with fine, densely packed glitter fragments and an opaque finish. I like the shape of the bottle and this color looks great as a main color or as an accent nail. It dries quickly and is easy to apply, I only needed one coat!

Laqa & Co nail polishes come in a variety of beautiful colors and retail for $11 each. You can find more information HERE. They also have a Color of the Month Club which is a nail polish subscription for $12 per month.
Laqa & Co can be found on their website at:

**Disclaimer: These products were provided to me for a sponsored review courtesy of Laqa & Co. All opinions stated in this review are my own and based on my experience with the products. Results may vary based on individual use.**


  1. i have only tried their nail polishes which is really awesome and very cute too! ♥

  2. Your so gorge love the pink on u

  3. I love the color of the lip pencil you received, so pretty! Perfect for Spring and Summer!

  4. nice pink

  5. Nice review. Thanks for sharing

  6. The packaging on those boxes is gorgeous! I don't think I'd ever be able to throw them away!


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