Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Real Purity Cosmetics

Real Purity is a brand that focuses on quality ingredients and cruelty free makeup that is safe, non-irritating and environmentally friendly. It is a family owned beauty company that sells everything from bath items, cosmetics and skin care products.

Today I have a review on makeup by Real Purity in some beautiful shades. I have been trying these items for weeks now and I am really enjoying them.

Frosted Orchid Powder Blush
Real Purity sells a great selection of blushes in some pretty colors but one that caught my attention right away was Frosted Orchid.

This blush is a purple-pink shade and since I didn't have anything quite like it in my collection I had to try it. On the website the blush appears to be very purple but it is actually more pink; nevertheless it is a beautiful shade. On the skin it shows up as a deep berry color which is very appealing.

The blush is smooth and buildable. You can create soft or bold looks and applying less or more produces a totally different appearance and effect. The formula is non-chalky and contains no shimmer whatsoever so you get pure color without any silver based highlight on top. This shade is suitable for both cool and warm skin tones.

The packaging is very simple and goes with the theme of the brand. The blush retails for $15 for the full size (20 oz) and samples are available so you can test colors to determine what works best for you.

 Parfait Powder Blush
Parfait is a light, subtle pink that highlights the face without sparkle. On the website this pink is described as “bubble gum pink” but it does not give off any harsh tones, just pretty accentuating color that shows up slightly frosted. It is best suited for “cool skin tones” although on warm tones it works well to brighten the face. This is a lovely pink for spring.

This blush also retails for $15 dollars and a sample is available, you can find more information HERE 

Berry Crème Blush
I like to go subtle and soft but sometimes I want something a bit more fun and vibrant. This crème blush in the color Berry is a rich raspberry shade that is ultra creamy! My favorite way to apply cream blush is simply using my fingertips, I pat the blush on and blend it out where I want it to sit. The texture of this blush slides on so smooth that it would have been a great idea to make it into a multi-purpose product for use on the lips as well.

The blush contains sunflower oil, jojoba seed oil and vanilla and grape extract. Although the shade may look a bit daunting to some you don’t have to cake it on! Don’t let the color intimidate; a little dab onto the apples of the cheeks gives gorgeous, healthy color to the face.

The great thing about this blush is that unlike other crèmes that may dry out over time this one stays smooth because of all the beneficial oils. The crème blushes come in 2 other appealing shades and retails for $15 each. You can find more information HERE 

 Heavy Swatches
I heavily swatched these blushes to demonstrate just how pigmented they can get but on the face you would use them a lot more sparingly! 

Subtle swatches
I also swatched the blushes lightly to demonstrate how subtle and soft they can appear.

As you can see from the two sets of swatches these blushes are very buildable and provide a nice range of saturation to work with.
Real Purity Lipstick in the color Parfait
Infused with castor oil, aloe and sweet almond oil this lipstick is creamy, smooth and highly pigmented.The pink is intense and bright making it ideal for spring and summer. The lipsticks by Real Purity are designed to "plump the lips and be a powerful antioxidant." 

The lipstick is also non-drying,  feels comfortable on the lips and is not prone to feathering. This is a great medium pink hue for a wide range of skin tones and the packaging is simple yet chic. I also like that the formula does not stain, it glides on easy and once removed my lips feel smooth and slightly moisturized. 

These lipsticks come in a variety of pretty colors and retail for $15 each. You can find them HERE

You can find  more great cosmetics from Real Purity at: realpurity.com

**Disclaimer: These products were provided to me for a sponsored review courtesy of Real Purity. All opinions stated in this review are my own and based on my experience with the products. Results may vary based on individual use.**


  1. Wow I love everything ! The pigmentation of the blushes seems really good The lipstick color is gorgeous! Great review hun!


  2. Another great makeup brand you got here! I love how finally there are more makeup now made with natural ingredients and less harsh chemicals! Those pictures sure looks so saturated! These makeup must be really pigmented! That lipstick is a bright one, ready for Spring!

    1. They are very pigmented! I will be busting out that lipstick this spring lol.

  3. wow..love the blush shade ,,soo pretty..
    nice swatches,.

    my recent one :Mac Fix+ Review, Pictures and FOTD!!!

  4. Wow, the colors look so rich and vibrant. Curious to see how they would look on my darker skin tone. Great review.

    1. I bet the Frosted Orchid would look great on your skin tone as well.

  5. The first and last blush looks sooo pretty! I mean everything does, but those two especially. I think when my spending ban is off I'm going to have to buy myself Frosted Orchid at least! great swatches!


    1. Great minds think alike ;) that is my fav too Kat! It would look beautiful on you!

  6. Hnnnngh that berry cream blush is absolutely perfect for your skin tone. Idk if I've told you but I seriously love your skin tone haha. It's amazing + perfect for jewel tones especially.

    Sample Hime

  7. I've never heard of this brand before, but the pigmentation looks great for the price! The colors look really bold, but it's nice to see that they can also look soft and natural without being chalky. Sometimes really bold pigmented colors can look ashy or chalky on the skin when worn too sheer.


  8. How does the Berry Creme Blush hold up on your lips? I love buying multi-purpose products!


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