Friday, May 9, 2014

Cailyn Cosmetics: Diamond Glitter and Art Touch Lip Gloss

When I have a fun party to attend, a trendy nightclub or great concert I like to wear bold makeup and have fun playing with glitter. Today I have a review on two wonderful products from Cailyn Cosmetics that can help create bold, flashy makeup looks and get you glamorized in no time!

The Diamond Glitter is gorgeously vibrant and the name is fitting because it does sparkle like diamonds by attracting and reflecting light. The glitter is available in 19 mesmerizing shades including: pink, gold, silver, green and blue. I chose my favorite color called Magic Purple!

The great thing about the glitter is that it is multi-purpose. It can be used as eye shadow, eyeliner, mixed into nail lacquer, used with mascara and even applied on top of your favorite lipstick or gloss.

The glitter is also very lightweight and although gorgeous it can be difficult to work with especially if you are unfamiliar with glitter formulas. With a little practice however you can get the hang of it and create some wonderful looks. When using this glitter apply it prior face makeup such as foundation, concealer, creams and blush to prevent fall-out from getting stuck to the face and messing up makeup application. An adhesive is required for the glitter to stick to the skin and Cailyn sells a Stick-It glue for this purpose.

Below are looks I created using the diamond glitter on my eyes and lips. To get the glitter to adhere to my eyelids I first used a primer, applied a purple eye shadow and covered it with a thin layer of Vaseline before adding the glitter. The Vaseline helps glitter products adhere to skin and makes it is quite easy to wipe off but keep in mind that this method is not for long-wear. Using a flat shadow brush I patted the glitter onto my lids building it up to the effect I wanted; do not use swiping motions as this will cause untidy application and fall-out.

In these photos I am wearing a purple lip gloss with the glitter on top, Cailyn's tinted gloss in Virgin Vampire (reviewed below) and the Diamond Glitter as eye shadow. 

I also used the Cailyn gel liner to line my lids (Review HERE)

The diamond glitters retail for $12 each and you can find them HERE 

Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss:
I have become a huge fan of the tinted lip glosses by Cailyn Cosmetics because they are stunning! The formula is velvety and feels more like a smooth lip cream than a sticky gloss.The pigmentation is also highly saturated for color pay-off similar to a stain with a lacquer finish.


The shade I have is 06 Virgin Vampire which is a bright orange/red that looks great for summer! It has a high shine finish and feels buttery soft on the lips. The glosses come in a variety of pretty shades and retail for $19 each. You can find them HERE.

To see more fabulous products from Cailyn Cosmetics check out the website HERE

**Disclaimer: These products were provided for review courtesy of Cailyn Cosmetics. All opinions stated in this review are my own and based on my experience with the products. Results may vary based on individual use.**


  1. I LOVE how the purple glitter looks on your lips! So pretty!!

  2. Beautiful!!
    I love the glitter! You can really use it for a lot of different uses!
    xo Holly xo


  3. I love the purple glitter on you lips, really cool.

  4. Such a beautiful lip color and glitter! I've never heard of the vaseline as an adhesive for glitters, but I will definitely be trying out this for glitters that I will eventually get!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  5. Wow! You made that glitter work really well! I love it! Super pretty!

  6. Love, love, love! You look amazing as always my dear. I love what you've done with the glitter. Purple looks stunning on you.


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