Friday, May 30, 2014

NARS Contour Blush Palette Review

Contouring the face can add shape, define and enhance. Although I don’t take the time to contour every day I do occasionally contour my cheeks, around my jaw line and down my nose. Today I have a review on the new contour blush palette by NARS. There are 3 different palettes with different combinations of colors to choose from. The palette I have is called Paloma which seems to be the second lightest set of colors in the line.

The light shade in the palette is meant to create “natural dimension and a luminous finish,” while the dark shade enhances and defines. I am a bit confused as to why NARS decided to refer to any of these colors as “blush” since the palette I have and the palette called Olymipa consists of a bronzer and highlight while the other palette (Gienah) has two dark bronzer shades. Nevertheless I do like this bronzer.

The darker shade is quite subtle for a bronzer especially for deeper complexions and if you want definition without a grey tone you may prefer the darkest palette. 

I prefer a lighter bronzer like this one because it doesn't  leave a heavy shadow in the hollows of my cheeks. It contours subtly and appears less noticeable. If you have a medium complexion like me and you want contour without dark, sharp lines then this product is wonderful. I like that it adds a natural looking shadow to the face while creating definition, I also think it would work well for fair skin tones. The powder is easy to blend and the texture is smooth and soft. It is also buildable and helps sculpt.

For $42 per palette I really wanted to like the highlight but it didn't work for me. When blended into my skin It appears white and it does not have enough pigment to create much illumination. When applied lightly and blended in it can also appear translucent and disappear so I don’t know how well it would show up on fair skin. I might be able to use it as a brow highlight or to blend shadow.

Although I like the bronzer and use it all the time I would have preferred a better highlighting product or an actual blush, something more usable. Because of this I would recommend the bronzer but you should test the highlight to see if it works for you.

If you would like to check out these palettes you can find them HERE

*Disclaimer: I received this product from The Makeup Show L.A in the Press kit. I was not obligated to provide a review. All opinions are my own and based on my experience with the product. Results may vary based on individual use.*


  1. I have been meaning to try this it has great reviews!
    Here in Australia it is a little pricey though so I am still contemplating!
    Thanks for reviewing it!
    xo Holly xo


  2. Great review! I definitely need to check these contour palettes, not that I need another bronzer in my collection!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  3. I was wondering why the name was blush when it looked like a bronzer too. I think the highlighter would look great on lighter skin tones, but I do like the bronzer shade. It would be perfect for a crease color too!

  4. Seems like a good duo. Too bad about the highlighter for you :(
    Kallie - But First, Coffee


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