Monday, May 5, 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue Medicated Balm Review

The Maybelline Baby Lips balms have been staples in my purse for years and a popular SPF lip treatment among many. I use the clear balm when I need moisture without color settling into the texture of dry lips and I prefer Pink Punch when I need hydration and protection with a pretty wash of color. With the amount of product per tube and the moisturizing formulas these balms are a great value!

Maybelline has recently launched a new addition to the Baby Lips family for those who need extra relief from dryness. The Dr Rescue balm is medicated to temporarily relieve discomfort associated with cracked lips and provide 12 hours of hydration. I think many of us have had those days when we decided against the bright, heavy lipstick due to noticeably chapped lips; so before bed I treat mine with gentle exfoliation and a generous slathering of Dr Rescue balm. 

I have the shade Berry Soft which is very subtle despite its bright hue. The balms also come in six other neutral shades that help even lip tone, including: Too Cool (clear), Pink Me Up, Just Peachy, Soothing Sorbet and Coral Crave. The website claims that “in one minute lips will feel soothed, in one day lips look less dry and in one week lips are reborn.” They also contain eucalyptus to help heal and have a slight menthol scent which is a tad medicinal.

When I use the balm there is a refreshing, cool sensation that is quite alleviating. I am a bit picky when it comes to lip balms but I like this product and will continue using it for smooth, supple lips all year round.

You can get the Dr Rescue lip balms at most drug stores and at Walmart for about $3.48. 

**Disclaimer: The Dr Rescue Medicated lip balm was provided for review courtesy of Maybelline. The other two lip balms seen in the photos were purchased by me. All opinions stated in this review are my own and based on my experience with the products. Results may vary based on individual use.**


  1. I have a Dr. Rescue and an original that are still waiting to be cracked open! I'm glad these work well for you, really need to finally try them.

  2. i have never tried baby lips, but always wanted to. the medicated ones sound great because i usually have super dry and chapped lips. i am currently using bite beauty's agave lip mask, but it's pricey. these look like a great alternative!

  3. I really want to get myself a tinted one of these! Thanks for sharing!
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  4. They r really good..heard a lot abt these cuties..
    My recent one :

  5. I would love to be able to find the Baby Lips in my country, we keep requesting for them, but no luck so far :/ They look so cute <3

  6. Owww I haven't seen this Dr Rescue one I will have to look and see if we have it in Australia!
    I did a post about Baby Lips today which is funny!
    Nothing better than kissable lips!
    xo Holly xo

  7. Loved reading this post. Would you like to follow each other via
    GFC & Bloglovin. Lemme know!


  8. The packaging and the lip balm is very good xo

  9. I loooove regular Baby Lips, but haven't tried the Dr. Rescue balm. I'll keep these in mind for next winter.


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