Thursday, October 30, 2014

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Review

Thick, long, lustrous eyelashes add glamorous flare to any makeup look and can take your eyes from ordinary and mundane to sultry and alluring! I love voluminous lashes but I don’t like fussing with falsies and most days I’m in no mood for trimming, aligning and gluing. If you are on social media, especially Instagram then chances are you have already heard and seen the Younique sensation sweeping the beauty world and if not today I will bring you up to speed!

Younique is a company that sells everything from serum, pigments, foundation, blush and gloss but they are best known for their false fiber lashes that have yielded amazing results and extraordinary lash enhancement for many women. Today I am featuring one of Younique’s best selling products, the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, designed to provide a 300% increase in thickness and volume!

The Moodstruck Fiber Lashes is packaged in a chic black case which is convenient for travel and storage. The kit comes with two separate applicators: the natural fiber wand and the transplanting gel.

The fiber wand is not your traditional mascara applicator; it is dry to the touch and covered in a thick layer of soft, tiny black fibers. 

The transplanting gel looks similar to traditional black mascara but the formula is essential for creating a layer of adhesion to hold the fibers in place.

The small hair-like fibers create a 3D effect that elevates the falsies mascara trend to a whole new level! Unlike regular mascaras that simply coats lashes for modest results this formula bonds each fiber to physically build-up your natural hairs and create volume and thickness.

Photo: from Younique

Application Method:

1. Apply a coat of your favorite regular mascara and let dry
*For the next steps make sure to complete the process one eye at a time
2. Apply a layer of transplanting gel
3. Immediately before the gel dries apply fibers to lashes
4. Seal the fibers with another coat of transplanting gel

You can apply the fiber lashes as many times as you want to achieve your desired look but you must seal them with gel each time. If you apply too many fibers in one step they may fall onto your cheeks or collect in tufts on the top of your lashes. Application can take a few tries to really get the hang of but once you do the effect is great!

I didn't have any issues with clumping or the color running during the day but I recommend taking your time and applying with care to avoid getting the fibers into your eyes, especially if you wear contacts. Overall I was happy with the results and the effect was much more dramatic than many of the fiber lashes I've tried in the past.

What I like most about this mascara is that it is water-proof and works with what you have. Even if your lashes are short and sparse you should still see impressive results and long spidery lashes! If you hate fumbling and fussing with false lashes and glue then this method is a great alternative and removal is simple. The Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes retails for $35.00 and also makes a great gift for the holiday season.

To order this mascara and for more information you can visit the website by clicking HERE

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**Disclaimer: products were provided for review


  1. i tried another fiber lashes but they got in my eyes and bugged me the whole day. guess it takes practice. love your results.

    1. Yeah that happened to me with one of the others I tried. With this one the key is to avoid getting it into your eyes upon initial application but after that the transplanting gel holds the fibers in place quite well so I didn't have any issues. I also made sure I applied enough gel to get them to stick properly.

  2. What a nice case!
    I have seen them on the internet a lot lately, but I haven't tried them. The result looks pretty good!


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