Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Garnier Pure Control Review - For Acne Pimples

No one likes getting pimples but at some point the majority of us have battled unsightly breakouts. Although I do not suffer from ongoing acne I do occasionally get hormonal pimples and since I value healthy, smooth skin I do whatever I can to prevent and treat them. Although the Garnier Pure Control Line is targeted at acne-prone skin it also helps prevent flare ups to maintain a clear complexion.

The line consists of a great range of products including: cleanser, scrub, astringent and moisturizer that all help eliminate pimples, treat blemishes and reduce the appearance of imperfections caused by breakouts. For best results you can use a few of the products together as an effective front line defense for acne. I recently tried these products to help rid my skin of a few hormonal blemishes and the treatments worked rather quickly without irritation or adverse reactions.

Pure Control Acne Cleansing Gel
The cleanser is formulated to fight pimples, deep cleanse and purify to lift dirt, oil and debris out of pores. The active ingredient is salicylic acid in addition to natural blueberry extract for refreshing smoothness. The gel lathers well and removes makeup and oil effectively which leaves skin feeling very clean. I recommend reintroducing some moisture after cleansing.

Pure Control Gel Scrub
The scrub is suited for those who have oily skin and is infused with charcoal to help absorb excess sebum. This product is also meant to deep clean and eliminate impurities; I recommend using either the scrub or the cleansing gel because using them together may cause excessive dryness. The exfoliating beads are very fine and gentle so they don’t scratch or irritate the surface of my skin. Although the scrub does clean thoroughly and contain sulfate it does not leave my face feeling ultra dry.

Pure Control Acne Astringent Lotion
I use the astringent most frequently for pimples because it is easy to apply on specific areas for spot treatments. Like all of the products in the line it contains blueberry extract and helps fight acne but it also mattifies and tightens pores. I usually dip a cotton swab into the liquid and press it against the affected area, this seems to help dry out the pimple and shrink it, especially when applied twice per day and overnight. Occasionally I even apply the astringent prior to makeup and allow it to dry before applying my foundation.

Pure Control 24 Hours Hydrating Care Anti-Imperfections
The moisturizer helps diminish post acne blemishes and targets uneven skin texture, dilated pores and shine while helping to eliminate acne. This cream is light and hydrating which is great after using all of the above products that cleanse and remove excess oil. Although it does not contain SPF protection it does help reduce shin and smooth the surface of skin without clogging pores, it can also be applied under makeup. 

Pimples can pop up at any age and if you have acne prone skin then you should find the right balance of products and create a routine that works for you. If you experience infrequent breakouts like me then you can use the products as needed for occasional treatments. Usually I try to avoid sulfates but when I need some extra cleansing power I make an acceptation. Overall I found that this line did help reduce the breakout period and diminish the appearance of pimples. You can find the Garnier Pure Control line at most drugs stores. 

**Disclaimer: products were provided for review


  1. Hi, can you explain me a little bit more about how to use properly the Pure Control 24 hours hydratating care anti-imperfections? I need to use it like a hydratating cream before makeup and that's it?

    1. Hi Lu,
      Yes you can use the cream under makeup


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