Thursday, October 9, 2014

LuMESH Cosmetics: Lip Gloss Review

Here at Diary of a Trendaholic I try to keep you informed on some of the hottest beauty products and brands in the market. Today I have a review on LuMESH Cosmetics, a great company that makes fantastic makeup with lip products to satisfy every gloss lover. 

If you aren't familiar with this brand yet then you are missing out on some fabulous makeup because LuMESH definitely knows how to make lip gloss! In fact you won’t find blush, bronzer or shadow on the website, they put everything they have into formulating great quality lip products for women of all ethnicities.  

These glosses are large so you get a lot of product per tube and the packaging is simple yet chic. They contain plant extracts and vitamin rich formulas that nourish and “transform into the perfect color” to suit your unique complexion. The creamy, light-weight texture is infused with sunflower and castor oil and is not sticky or thick. I love the way they drench my lips in moisturizing color and the wand delivers just the right amount of pigmentation to make lips appear alluring and pouty.

The first thing I noticed when I applied the gloss was the cool refreshing sensation that feels quite alleviating. The formula glides on smoothly for consistent coverage and helps mask the appearance of fine lines. Each tube also comes equip with a handy little mirror attached to the side which is perfect for viewing your lips up close as you gloss-up!

The long-wear formula quenches dry skin and feels comfortable enough to wear in place of lip balm. It is also  free of parabens, sulfates and synthetic fragrances. I also like that when I purse my lips together the color redistributes evenly and doesn't feather or transfer to teeth. 

LuMESH recognizes the complexity of beauty and all women so they fittingly name their gloss to represent diverse personalities and ideologies. The three glosses I have are:

*Debra “joyful confidence”- This shade is a dazzling deep berry hue embedded with micro glitter. It has more pigmentation than the other two and is my favorite of the bunch! This color transitions easily from summer to fall and makes lips look inviting and full.

*Vanessa “partner in crime”- A sheer orange that offers luminous shine for every season.

*Laurie “naturally cheerful”- This beautiful gloss with light reflecting glitter delivers a beautiful pop of pink.

I love how the glosses look when paired with purple and champagne eye shadow!
*On my lips: top right photo:(Laurie), bottom right (Debra)

Although these glosses are sheer to medium coverage Debra and Laurie can be layered to enhance the intensity. I also like that they make my lips feel soft and supple even after removal and they don’t accentuate dryness. If you can’t live without your lip gloss then you will probably fall in love with these!

LuMESH has recently launched at Birch Box and the gloss retails for $24.00 each, you can check out the website by clicking HERE.

**Disclaimer: products were provided for review

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  1. Debra is my color! I've never heard of this brand, nor am I a lipgloss person, but that is really pretty.


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