Thursday, October 22, 2015

Irresistible Me Diamond Flat Iron Review

I love my naturally curly hair but sometimes it can be a pain to style and it takes a lot of product, conditioner and care to keep my spirals bouncy and frizz-free. After an entire summer of laying off the heat and giving my tresses time to recoup and grow I can finally enjoy straight, sleek styles for fall.

I was in need of a new flat iron as the one I had was quite old. After a while it is a good idea to replace your straightener since the ceramic becomes worn and the plates begin to break down which can damage your hair. Recently I have been testing the Irresistible Me Diamond Professional Styling Iron with one inch heating plates, long swivel cord and salon quality tourmaline technology.

Since I try to take good care of my hair and make an effort to reduce the amount of heat I use, damage control is very important to me and I look for stylers that can produce fabulous results without weakening the integrity of the hair cuticle. What caught my attention about this high tech flat iron was the composition of ceramic plates covered in crushed diamonds and mixed with tourmaline which helps protect hair by retaining natural oils and moisture.

If you look closely at the photo below you can actually see the shimmering diamond particles on the plates!

I also like that the device is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre which makes the task of straightening my long, thick hair from root to tip less daunting and time consuming. The innovative plates help prevent frizz and promote shine for a polished finish that even holds up longer in humidity. The sleek design with temperature control buttons on the inside handle prevent accidental heat adjustments and the cool tip shields fingers from burns. Currently the straightener is only available in red but I would love a selection of trendy hues and designs.

Another great feature is the fast heat up time and easy to use adjustable temperature buttons for customizable results. The iron can heat up to a max of 450˚F/230˚C in just 15 seconds and the digital display on the outside allows you to keep track of the temperature at all times. The voltage automatically switches between Fahrenheit and Celsius (depending on where you are) which is perfect for travel and the floating plates self adjust to glide through hair without any painful snags. The auto shut-off safety feature is great for preventing accidents but it turns off every 30 mins which is usually halfway through my styling session. It would be nice if there was some way to turn this feature off.

The flat iron is designed to work on all hair types from thick and curly to medium, wavy, thin, short and fine. Usually when I straighten my hair which now reaches my tailbone it takes a long time (1 hour or more) but I like that the iron has even heat distribution so I don’t have to go over each section repeatedly which reduces the risk of damage and speeds up the process! It straightens even the curliest areas of my hair smoothing down each strand for a soft, silky finish with lots of movement and bounce. You can also use it to add curls, waves, lift and body and it even tames my unruly ends which tend to be a bit dry. Because the red covering hangs over the plates a bit on each side I don’t burn my head like I did with my old iron.

When I spend this much time on my hair I want the finished look to last as long as possible and with the results I get from this device I don’t have to use heat again for days! Because it is so quick to heat up I can re-touch specific areas in the morning or when I am in a rush with no hassle! This device is definitely on par or even better than some of the higher-end more expensive units I’ve used and purchased in the past and it retails for $149.00.

My tips for flat ironing:
*Flat iron clean, freshly washed and conditioned hair for longer lasting results.
*De-tangle first to prevent snagging, knots and damage. I like to do this using a wide tooth comb and lots of conditioner.
*A deep conditioning treatment prior to styling increases resiliency to heat and makes hair softer and glossier.
*Use a good heat protectant and the lowest heat setting possible for your hair type. Start low and work your way up if you aren’t sure as using more heat than necessary can cause damage.
 *Make sure hair is dry prior to styling to prevent damage. Air drying is best but to save time use the dryer on the cool setting.
*If you have curly hair save time and reduce damage by loosening the curls first. Gently comb them out as you blow dry.
*Part hair into manageable sections, 1-2 inches makes the process quicker. Keep straight hair separate from hair that has not yet been done.
*After styling use a light oil or glossy finishing product to smooth down fly-aways, add shine and create a healthy salon quality sheen. My favorite is Silk Infusion by Chi.
*Wipe off the plates of the iron with a damp cloth after each use. This prevents product build-up from sticking and burning onto your hair.

If you’d like to get your hands on this professional styling tool check out the website by clicking HERE.

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