Tuesday, October 13, 2015

L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil Review

When it comes to hair care nutritive oils can promote resiliency, restore damaged strands and improve texture so today I’m excited to share L’Oréal Professionnel's new secret weapon for a gorgeous, healthy mane! The exotic Mythic Oils are flowing with rich ingredients for soft, shiny hair and 24 hour anti-frizz and humidity protection.

The Nourishing blend is suitable for all hair types and it is my favorite in the collection! The beautiful glass bottles and golden packaging has a Moroccan, mystical vibe and the scent is warm, alluring and slightly sweet to make hair smell amazing. The formula is enriched with lush avocado oil to help with growth, increase body, delay aging and provide a glossy finish. It also contains rich grape seed oil to rejuvenate parched, brittle strands and fight free radicals.

When wearing my hair in its naturally curly state I like to apply the oil from ears to ends when it’s damp and freshly washed. It instantly makes my tresses feel incredibly soft and my curls look revived, bouncy and well formed. It also deeply nourishes and helps reduce poof to tame unruly strands and it works well with my other leave-ins or styling products. This hydrating oil transforms my hair by creating a layer of silky protection and it improves the appearance and texture of damaged ends without greasy build-up, thick film or residue. You can also apply the oil to the lengths of your hair to help detangle after shampooing and it adds glossy shine before or after blow drying without weighing down your strands.

If you want a little more glam the Shimmering Oil for hair and body is a great multipurpose product that provides brilliant shine and a touch of gold radiance. Although the formula has a gorgeous swirl of glittery particles, when applied to skin and hair the shimmer disperses well for a very subtle finish and a dewy, glimmering glow. The oil smells amazing and lightly scents the skin and hair with a sweet, slightly floral aroma. The mesmerizing gold dust is barely noticeable except for a beautiful, healthy sheen so you don’t have to worry about overdoing the glitz.

The gold formula is infused with a blend of magnolia flower which has stress reliving properties and conditions the skin for wonderful hydration. For day wear I apply a light layer because it isn’t a dry oil and at night I use a bit more after showering for intense moisture. It works well to eradicate dehydrated peeling skin, rough heels and cuticles and it helps heal dry over processed hair that has taken a beating under the heat of your styling tools. If you have oily or limp hair you may want to focus on the ends, avoid the roots and use a smaller amount but my thick, long mane just loves it!

The oils retail for $29.00 each and you can find salon listings at www.lorealprofessionnel.ca

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  1. This bottle looks so.....rich. Wouldn't mine trying this oil out.

    1. I love the bottle too and what's inside is event better. My hair need the extra care during the cooler months.


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