Tuesday, November 3, 2015

L’Oréal Professionnel PRO FIBER Review: Professional Hair Damage Science

It’s time to step away from the blow dryer, drop the flat iron and chat about hair restoration since 51% of women report some level of damage. Heat styling, chemicals, over-processing, the environmental, poor care and other factors can lead to dry, brittle hair, split-ends and a lackluster finish. Although all women crave a gorgeous, flowing mane many of us are unwilling to sacrifice our styling methods so L’Oréal’s latest scientific breakthrough can help strengthen your stressed strands for shiny salon quality results in just 6 weeks!

First let’s get the science part of out the way and break it down so you understand how the PRO FIBER formula is different from any other on the market. L’Oréal has developed a molecular complex called APTYL 100 which deeply penetrates and anchors within the hair fiber for long-lasting results. When this nifty little molecule locks into your follicles it fortifies from within and instantly resurfaces to smooth, soften and protect. After treatment hair is revived as it begins to recover and become stronger and more resilient. Now here is the best and most intriguing aspect of the new system; unlike many treatments that wash out when you shampoo this fortifying molecule stays within the hair fiber for up to 4 shampoos! You can simply reactivate the molecule for another cycle using the hairdresser prescribed shampoo and auto-regenerate recharge product. This process yields fabulous results that last and in just 6 weeks of treatment hair fibers may be renewed from root to tip so that hair looks as if it was never damaged!

The first step of the treatment is getting assessed and to do this you simply head over to a L’Oreal Professionnel Salon. A hair stylist will be able to identify the degree of damage sustained by the hair fiber using the specifically designed PRO FIBER assessment tool. After your initial consultation and treatment the stylist will then recommend a personalized at-home hair care routine with products from the collection.

I visited the Taz Hair Salon in Yorkville and I learned a lot about my hair! Apparently I have been doing a great job repairing the heat damage of a few years ago so my hair has very little damage and is quite healthy! Since I always buy products for extreme damage I was happy to hear that my hair is thriving and growing long and strong!

There are 3 levels of damage and each formula in the collection responds accordingly.

Level 1 (for slightly damaged hair): This is the level of care that was recommended for me, the Revive Collection targets mechanical damaged caused by heat styling tools and resurfaces the hair fiber.
Level 2 (for damaged hair): This category includes damage from coloring and styling tools. The Restore Collection for moderate to badly damaged hair is designed to repair the fibers.
 Level 3 (for very damaged hair): This level is for hair that has suffered repeated coloring, frequent heat styling and a lot of mechanical and chemical stress. The Recover Collection restructures the hair fiber to help reverse these effects.

As the stylist was shampooing my hair (which felt divine) the calming, warm aroma smelled amazing and I couldn’t resist sniffing my hair throughout the day! The shampoo is a clear, pinkish gel that foams to rinse away build-up and excess oil while resurfacing for a smooth finish and easier detangling. I don’t usually use shampoo that contains sulfates so I only apply it on my scalp and let the suds trickle down instead of lathering my ends which tend to get dry. The shampoo retails for $27.50.

After shampooing the lush conditioner nourishes weakened strands and makes hair feel silky and revitalized with a lot of slip for getting rid of those pesky tangles without causing breakage. It definitely makes my hair feel soft, glossy and healthier. It retails for $28.50.

The Resurfacing Mask is my favorite but I may be a bit bias since a good deep treatment is my splurge of choice. My long thick hair including my parched ends just loves this stuff! The rich, texture coats each strand in a blanket of super creamy conditioner to help undo some of the damage and soften dry, brittle areas. After treatment my hair feels amazing and looks shiny, bouncy and full of body! It retails for $28.50.

Although my hair was diagnosed as having very little damage I also use the Recover Mask which is in the third or highest level of damage because my ends need extra attention. This treatment really helps reduce breakage and seems to increase my hair's resiliency to styling.

The Resurfacing Serum in Jelly is a light milky leave-in that decreases frizz, poof and dryness. It protects from heat styling up to 230 degrees C˚ and you can also apply it to damp hair and style as usual, it retails for $28.75.

The Re-Charge Serum works with all three of the collections to reactivate the APTYL 100 molecule and boosts its effectiveness after every 4 shampoos. It doesn’t replace the entire treatment process but it does buy you several more days of gorgeous hair while reinforcing the strengthening benefits. It retails for $35.00 per box of 6.

One of the things I like most about the products is that the formulas only targets the damaged areas so it doesn’t weight down my hair and you can also download the PRO FIBER app at the Apple Store or Google Play to help your stylist assess your level of damage. The active molecule that provides all the fabulous results does decrease more substantially if you use a different shampoo or brand so it is most effective and longer-lasting if you use the products together and as prescribed. The entire treatment process at the salon can take as little as five minutes and I will definitely continue until my hair reaches its optimal potential!

The products are available exclusively at L’Oréal salons and you can check out the website for more info and salon locations by clicking HERE. Get the PRO FIBER app HERE

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  1. I constantly use heat to style my hair and I have noticed it being dry and more damaged as before. Nice to know that these products stand up to a few shampoos and don't feel like they would be washed off once I shampoo my hair.

  2. I need these products in my life because I recently dyed my hair. You look beautiful in the photo above. xxx

    1. Thanks so much! They are great products, I am still testing them to see how they do long-term but so far so good! I love how they make my hair smell.


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