Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush Review

We can all agree that makeup is bliss, I love the gorgeous colors and the ability to conceal, camouflage and transform from blah to bombshell but all those glamorous layers can clog pores. At the end of the day it is imperative to remove the heavy formulas and deep clean so that skin can recoup and replenish. That’s where a good cleansing brush comes in, using a wipe or face wash may appear to get rid of the residue but you’d be surprised at how much is actually left behind!

I usually alternate between a few different cleansing methods and brushes but if you are looking for an affordable yet effective device then the Skinvigorate by Mary Kay is a great option. This fabulous little tool comes with two brush heads that rotate and gently massage the surface of skin to thoroughly remove dirt and makeup 85% better than using hands alone!

The brush heads are very soft so they aren’t rough or abrasive on sensitive skin and you can adjust the force you apply to increase or decrease the cleansing pressure. I also like that the rotating action helps remove impurities with gentle exfoliation to leave skin soft, smooth and polished.

The cleanser is battery operated but it is waterproof if you prefer to use it in the shower although you should never submerge it. It is also very easy to use and incorporate into your daily routine, simply press the button to turn it on and switch between the two speeds using the other button. I like to remove my makeup with a face wipe first to avoid staining the brush too much and I wet both my face and the bristles so that my cleanser foams and distributes well. I prefer to apply my face wash directly to the brush and rinse it clean after each use. It is recommended that you replace the brush head every 3 months but with proper care you can stretch it a little longer and they retail for $18.00/per 2.

The device also comes in white if you prefer and aside from removing makeup and improving tone and texture to boost the complexion it also allows your skincare products to absorb more efficiently, increase circulation and help maximize the hydration benefits of your moisturizers. Because it is so light and small it is ideal for travel and makes a fabulous gift this holiday season!

The Skinvigorate cleansing brush retails for $60.00 and you can get it online at or through independent consultants.


  1. The brush reminds me of Olay Pro-X which I have used since 2012! This sounds like a great option too.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Yes, it is very similar, I had the Olay one as well lol. Different brushes do perform differently and although it isn't a sonic brush it works great for everyday cleaning!


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