Friday, November 20, 2015

Urban Decay: Gwen Stefani Eye Shadow Palette Review & Swatches

When one of the world’s most famous blonde bombshells teams up with one of the best cosmetic companies on the market the result is a match made in makeup heaven! Urban Decay (one of my personal favorites for eye shadow) has spent hours collaborating at Gwen Stefani’s house to finalize every detail of her new collection and the end product is a beautifully crafted palette loaded with 15 of Gwen’s must-have shades! The stunning new collection includes 12 all new hues and 3 of UD’s finest to help you achieve her most iconic signature looks and some beauties of your own!

With an impressive range of neutrals and a few knock-out jewel tones you have the versatility to create endless combinations from subtle and soft to edgy and glam. There is also a great selection if shimmer hues and soft mattes plus a mix of warm and cool tones making the palette useable and trendy through all seasons!

My personal faves are:
*Punk- (a rich chocolaty matte brown with a burgundy undertone) this shade looks amazing in the crease and pairs well with so many hues in the palette! It sculpts, defines and contours to perfection adding depth and dimension.
*Steady & Baby- (shimmery champagne hues with a silvery undertone) These shades look fabulous on every skin tone and paired with a deep crease color you can use them to create quick, pretty looks that enhance and brighten the eyes.
*Pop- (champagne pink with mega shimmer and silver specks) when I saw this shade I knew it was a perfect match for holiday parties and New Years Eve! This hue seems to be the most glittery in the palette and I am so ready to embrace the glitz!
*Danger- (sultry deep blue with fleck of shimmery light blue) if you are a bit apprehensive about blue eye makeup then this shade will help you warm you up to the idea with its midnight sky depth and smokey allure.
The names of each shadow was also chosen by Gwen and inspired by her music!

One of the reasons Urban Decay is at the top of my list when it comes to outstanding eye shadow is due to the intense pigmentation! Their particular blend of ingredients gives the shadows a velvety, smooth texture but also makes the colors appear as bold as they look in the packaging! I always apply my UD Primer Potion no matter what shadow or brand I decide to use and although it enhances the pigments beautifully the quality is so good that you don’t need a base to make them look amazing!

The texture also has a creaminess that applies like a dream without creasing and these babies don’t fade throughout the day, they hang in there till the end! I’m predicting that when this palette is released on November 22 (which is this weekend) they are going to sell out fast and be pretty hard to come by around the holiday rush so I suggest getting down to your local Sephora or Shoppers Drug Mart early! It is also available online if you don’t plan to leave you house this weekend. I’ve been playing around with the colors for a few days now and I’m already head-over-heels in love! The palette retails for $70.00.

*Press sample featured


  1. I wish you swatched all the shades... is there a reason you don't? The ones you did swatch look pretty.

    1. I just swatch some of my personal faves to give you an idea of what the pigmentation and colors are like but I don't see the need to swatch ALL of the shadows especially the neutrals like beige and matte creams as they show up very subtle on the skin anyway. The palette is very pretty though!

  2. The shades look soo smooth! I would definitely get lots of use out of this one :)


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