Monday, December 7, 2015

Kérastase Chronologiste Review & Holiday Gift Guide!

Kérastase is one of my favorite brands when it comes to luxury hair care and the gift of gorgeous, glossy locks is something everyone on your list will adore. If you plan to splurge on someone special this holiday the gift sets and fabulous collections from Kérastase is a great way to pamper your loved ones with strengthening and revitalizing formulas!

I have a few of the Kérastase collections in my vault of hair essentials and recently I’ve been testing the sleek, amazingly scented Chronologiste line deigned to detoxify, cleanse and nourish stressed, weak strands to restore shine, bounce and vitality! To achieve noticeable results just follow the step by step salon quality treatment process at home and walk out the door with lush healthy hair.

Step one involves the Rinse-Out Pre-Shampoo which can be massaged in for 5 mins prior to deep cleansing. The treatment exfoliates, intensely tones, detoxifies and purifies the scalp and hair fiber to remove build-up and boost the effectiveness of all products and ingredients introduced in the next few steps. The formula contains a range of natural extracts and fruit oils which help balance the effects of the sodium laureth sulfate. Because of the sulfates I only apply the formula to my scalp and let the foam trickle down as I rinse which prevents dry ends. I also use this method with the shampoo.

The Rinse-Out retails for $50.00

Next you use the Revitalizing Shampoo (for all hair types) designed to thoroughly cleanse with nutritious active ingredients that help retain moisture and smooth the hair fiber for a velvety texture. Like all the products in this collection the shampoo smells amazing and the invigorating formula makes my scalp feel fresh and clean without causing brittleness. It retails for $46.00.

Step three is by far my favorite because it is the process that infuses shine, body and the silky, soft texture I crave! The Essential Revitalizing Balm for hair and scalp is a rich, lush mask that coats every strand in a blanket of creamy goodness to recharge hair from root to tip! This sumptuous conditioner is enriched with the highest concentration of active ingredients for an intensely nourishing boost of hydration that deeply quenches dry, brittle stands to leave hair incredibly light and soft. It retails for $70.00.

Last but not least is the Fragrant Oil infused with a blend of argan, camellia, jasmine and fruit extracts to increase shine and luster. This finishing oil is incredibly handy in the winter to combat dryness, frizz and fly-aways and when hair is less than fresh and there is no time to shampoo you need something that makes it smell like you just left the salon! This oil will do just that and unlike spraying hair with actual perfume which contains drying alcohol this elixir leaves your tresses sleek, smooth and silky with an alluring, elegant aroma! It also helps remove that disgusting product burn smell after you flat iron or curl. It retails for $70.00.

It is also helpful to mention that if you are sensitive to strong fragrances you may want to take a whiff before purchasing but I absolutely love the scent of this collection.

With the great gift collections from Kérastase there are fabulous products for everyone on your list! Check out the website and find a retailer near you by clicking HERE.

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