Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Saje Holiday Gift Guide

Every time I walk into a Saje store the luxurious scent of fresh botanical ingredients wafts through the air creating a relaxing oasis of aroma therapy. This holiday why not give the gift of essential oils and treat your family and friends to a season of stress relieving remedies and herbal healing.

Since cold and flu season is also upon us the Pocket Pharmacy Kit is the perfect weapon for fighting off nasty germs the natural way. The Immune Remedy helps combat the flu while uplifting your spirit with potent essential oils that also decongest your sinuses. I recently used it after I came home from Germany with a nasty virus and it really helped ease my symptoms. The kit also contains: Peppermint Halo Oil for migraines and headaches, Soothing Stress Relief Remedy to treat mild anxiety and promote relaxation, Pain Release to reduce inflammation and relieve muscle pain and the Eaters Digest Remedy to soothe upset stomach and ease digestion. This must-have collection retails for $59.95.

Since I vacation frequently the Travel Safe Kit is the perfect companion for long, dehydrating flights and weeks spent in foreign environments.

Usually when I board an airplane my makeup looks great, my hair is in place and I’m excited to explore a new destination but by the time we land I’m tired and disheveled like I’ve been caught in a tornado! Thankfully the kit includes the Arrive Alive Jet Lag & Travel Mist which helps me relax with the power of aroma therapy. It also reduces drowsiness to increase alertness with a unique blend of essential oils including: eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, lavender, palmarosa, lemon and niaouli.

The Jet Lag Mist also comes in a roll-on formula and the kit includes the Eaters Digest Remedy which is extremely handy when you’ve consumed something that causes stomach pain, indigestion or worse. My fellow travelers know what I’m talking about because one tainted meal can really dampen your trip! The oil is composed of sweet fennel, peppermint, roman chamomile, black pepper and myrrh.

Since the air on the plane is super dry and sucks the moisture right out of you it is important to moisturize. The kit also comes with the Healing Skin Ointment which is great for parched skin and also helps treat rashes, itchy skin, eczema and psoriasis. The Antimicrobial hand Lotion is perfect for use on the go as it sanitizes and softens rough skin and cuticles with a rich blend of lavender, tea tree, patchouli thyme, pine and more!  

I have a few people on my holiday list who are sensitive to fragrances and artificial preservatives so Saje is a great place to shop for them. The Natural Perfume Collection is perfect for one of my holistic, yoga loving friends. 

The set comes in a sleek metallic case with 5 different scents including:

Goddess- a fresh citrus blend consisting of tangerine, lime ylang ylang, vanilla, rose jojoba, jasmine and neroli.
Ananda- grapefruit, juniper berry, bergamot, ylang ylang and sandalwood.
Yoga- jojoba, orange, patchouli, rosewood, bergamot, cardamon, neroli, cedarwood, champaka and vietiver.
Tantra- jojoba, patchouli, champaka, lavender, vanilla, palmarosa, rosewood, sandalwood and ginger.
Shanthi- jasmine, geranium, lemongrass, lime, sweet basil, cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper.

All of the fragrances come with a roller ball applicator and a special manta. They are made of essential oils so they have a calming botanical scent with the perfect aromatic essence for a meditation session. The collection retails for $42.95.

The Butter Me Up Body Butter Trio is a great gift to help your loved ones stay moisturized and nourished this winter. It contains the Foot Butter, Sunset Glow Body Butter and the Endless Summer Body Butter which are all enriched with an impressive blend of skin conditioning natural ingredients like: sweet almond, shea, aloe, coconut, vitamin E and so much more! These small tubes are idea for travel or use on the go and they make a great addition to a skincare baskets or stocking stuffers.

You can find these gifts at Saje locations and online by clicking HERE

Happy Shopping!

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  1. I've never heard of Saje but would love to give them a try they sound amazing! That perfume set looks incredible x


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