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Rodial Bee Venom Collection Review: Luxury Skincare and Gift Ideas

I have been using Rodial skincare over the last several months and I recently published a review on the Galmoxy Snake Mask which I use on a weekly basis to brighten and revive my complexion. Today I will be sharing some luxury items that are perfect for pampering your skin at home if you love spa quality results or if you are searching for impressive holiday gifts for those who crave beautiful skin.

The Bee Venom collection like the Snake Mask may sound a bit daunting and let’s be honest it’s pretty darn weird but I can assure you that the ingredient list is not quite as strange as the names indicate. The products are inspired by the freezing effects of venom relating to the aging process and slowing down the effects of sagging, wrinkles, fine lines and other unsightly blemishes. Although the products do contain actual bee venom (which is not harmful unless you have an allergy to bee stings) the venom/peptides work in synergy with plant stem cells to help correct skin tone, plump, enhance elasticity, hydrate and smooth the appearance of lines.

The Bee venom works by tricking the skin into thinking it has been stung and directing blood flow to the area of application. This stimulates the production of collagen for younger looking skin and essentially helps you retain facial shape and contour. It is also important to mention that the venom is collected from the bees using non-harmful methods.

The Bee Venom Super Serum is formulated for extreme performance and aside from diminishing the signs of aging with powerful stem cells, oils and extracts it also improves the surface of skin to boost radiance while providing a lush layer of moisture. The serum melts in quickly leaving your face soft, supple and silky with a non-greasy healthy sheen that smells fantastic! I prefer to use the serum under the cream before bed as the skin regenerates and heals but you can also use it during the day because it works well under makeup. It retails for $200.00.

The Bee Venom Moisturizer Revitalise and Firm has become apart of my nightly beauty ritual and as the weather cools down my skin needs more hydration to battle dryness, flaking and peeling. The cream is formulated for “mature skin” and although I have admitted to not having fine lines, wrinkles or any visible sign of aging I still take preventative measures!

Infused with skin plumping bee venom, hyaluronic acid for intense, long lasting moisture, vitamin C, biomimetic growth factor to even skin texture and fruit stem cells to help reverse the signs of aging this cream is definitely the “Queen Bee” (pun totally intended) of all face creams! The lavish formula makes my complexion look dewy and fresh in the morning and to increase absorption I use my face steamer to open my pores and cleanse with my Clarisonic OR exfoliate with my microdermabrasion machine prior to application. This process is one of my secrets for beautiful, even skin.

The moisturizer retails for $190.00

I love these products so much that I have recently acquired the Bee Venom 24 Carat Gold Super Essence which is as luxurious as it sounds! This extreme rejuvenation serum is also infused with bee venom peptide and liquid gold for a 3D express lifting effect and glowing skin. It also includes stem cells to sustain hydration, blur imperfections and reinforce the structure and contour of the face to help improve elasticity. The formula has a luminous rainbow hue that blends in clear except for the gold micro particles that shimmer on the surface of skin for a subtle highlight. I personally don’t think you need both serums as they are in the high-end price range and contain many of the same active ingredients. If you are looking for radiant results quickly then the gold infused serum may be the better option as it reflects light but if you are not a fan of the gold flecks then go with the other serum. The Super Essence retails for $270.00.

One of my favorite skin pampering products especially during the winter are creamy indulgent body butters so it’s no surprise that I am totally smitten with the Bee Venom 24 Carat Gold Body Souffl√©.  This delicately whipped formula comes in a huge golden jar and although it is very rich and silky the texture is surprisingly light and fluffy! It absorbs quickly with a wonderful aroma and no greasiness, just a brilliant sheen that quenches even the thirstiest skin to eradicate dryness and alleviate discomfort instantly. You can actually see the small sparkling flecks of golden particles on your body which is great for holiday parties! Again the ingredients are very similar to those in the face products to lift, plump, firm, tone, blur, smooth, condition and more so if you need all over anti-aging results you can use this collection from head-to-toe! The body cream retails for $190.00.

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